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Are Plastic Bags Really Necessary in our Daily Life?This is pretty much a rant on the frustration of changing peoples minds on the excessive use of plastic bags. By excessive I mean the unnecessary use of plastic bags. We had a family run butchery in Malaysia. After a few years of doing business, the pure wastage t fake rolex hat we saw on a daily basis was starting to drive us crazy.

Limited Plastic Bag PolicyWe decided to implement a limited plastic bag policy. A task easier said then done in As fake rolex ia. After a quick check of our books, we calculated that we gave away an average fake rolex of 30 kg of pla fake rolex stic bags per week, keep in mind ours was a small mom and pop business. I can not imagine the amount of bags given away by the big businesses. So our new company policy was to to minimize the use of bags in our shop. After informing some of our regulars, we found them to be very supportive. Well it seemed that way at first. Here are some of the reactions from our customers. She buys some sausages, a few canned goods, one litre of milk and a chocolate bar. She wanted one bag for the sausages, another for the canned goods and third for the milk. When I asked her why she wanted so many bags, her reply was she did not want to put the meat and other goods in the same bag, she also wanted to distribute the weight of the goods so it was easier to carry to her car. I emptied a box and gave her that instead and offered to carry the box to her car. That is the end of the story you would think. But no. her son wanted a small plastic bag to carry the chocolate bar. A truly frustrating customer. Children learn from their parents.

Do you feel Cheated if you do not get a Free Bag?The times that a customer walked in bought one item and wanted a bag are too numerous to count, but this one lady stood at the entrance of our butchery and screamed for 20 minutes that we were trying to cheat her, by not providing a free plastic bag. The funny part of this story is that I had refused to give her a bag for buying a single mars bar. And when she complained, I recommended she go to the shop next door. Her twenty minute tantrum was pointless as she had ultimately not made a purchase.

In Malaysia plastic bags are considered a service and if you do not provide one, customers feel that they have been cheated.

State Government Implements tax on Plastic BagsIn the year 2011 Penang state government Implemented a no free plastic bag rule. We were overjoyed. Although I am sad to say actual enforcement of this policy is pretty lax. Only being strictly enforced in the big supermarkets and hypermarkets. I wish we could go back to the good old days of having to bring our own bags when we go shopping.

katydidnt 13 months ago from New Brunswick, Canada

Plastic bags are still in widespread overuse here in North America as well, though some stores have started charging a few cents per bag, others have encouraged shoppers to bring their own re usable bags and offer some for sale near check outs, and most recycling depots will take and recycle plastic bags now. I think there are times when a plastic bag is a handy thing, but we certainly don’t require them for every single thing.

Plastic bags at the LCBO

I think this measure should be implemented right away without further discussion and not only in the LCBO stores, but also in every grocery store. This is a long time that some countries in Europe totally banned plastic bags, especially in grocery stores, and the customers have just developed the habit of bringing their own reusable bags when they go shopping, no matter what they purchase (clothes, grocery, electronics, etc.) It is proven that a plastic bag is used in average for 20 minutes. It is time that the Canadians finally do their part for the environment!Of course! This is a no brainer. The LCBO should have cloth or re usable bags. The LCBO should charge a deposit for the bag you return it you get your deposit back or you re use it and you do not get charged the deposit for a new one. McGuinty should take this idea to the private sector as well. If plastic bags must stay then every place that uses them must provide a bag recycling collection bin.

I buy wine on my walk home, not for any green purposes, but because it’s convenient. Currently I store the empty bottles in the garage I’m fortunate enough to have, and use the car once in awhile for the annoying errand of driving the bottles back to a beer store. Now I’m going to be expected to carry around my own bag out of the house on mornings I plan to pick up wine, so I’ll have something to carry the wine home at the end of the day? I suppose men’s purses may become the norm, but more practically, I’ll likely walk home and then take the car to the liquor store. Dropping plastic bags may well work out fine in the suburbs, where everyone already drives everywhere and can easily store spare bags, but at the end of day, this policy doesn’t seem well thought out. You are always going to have customers who need something to carry their purchases home in fake rolex .

Getting rid of plastic bags is a great idea that most people probably agree with, but are habituated to being provided plastic bags at check out. I have about 6 cloth bags in the car that I keep forgetting in the car and then take plastic bags at the store just habit. At Food Basics they do not provide any bags, so I remember to bring a box or my cloth bags. Just stop giving people bags and make the alternative that they have to buy bags at check out. Money to buy bags could be used toward other green inititatives.

I don’t understand what all the hub bub is about regarding plastic bags. So fake rolex they get in the landfills. Big deal! What about all the “disposable diapers,” disinfectant wipes, plastic packaging, etc. etc.? Every time I turn on the television there are commercials f fake rolex or yet another “something” that will end up in landfills and take the next 450 years to fake rolex breakdown. Why is everyone attacking plastic shopping bags? Do you want us to use paper, which cause even more trees to be harvested? Think about it people and stop using those Clorox wipes!

Plastic bags aren’t always ‘single use’

Back to Main MenuBusiness News HomeFront PorchIt Only MoneyOregon the EconomyPlaybooks ProfitsSilicon ForestWindow ShopStock Market ReportBusiness Public BlogBack to Main fake rolex MenuVideos from the OregonianVideos from The Beaverton LeaderVideos from the Hillsboro ArgusVideos from The Forest Grove LeaderYour VideosPlastic bags shouldn be ending up in rivers and streams or even in landfills in many cases. But humans can be pigs. So they do end up in places that cause harm. And the idea that there are 100 billion petroleum based plastic bags used each year in the United States, according to environmental groups, is overwhelming. It makes sense why so many people are urging bans on the bags.At the same time, I worry that a ban on grocey stores’ plastic bags will end up backfiring in some cases. At a rally Wednesday outside City Hall, Portland Mayor Sam Adams said, all know that single use shopping bags are fake rolex used for just a few minutes, but the negative impact on the environment lasts forever.That is not my experience with plastic grocery bags. Contrary to Adams statement, a lot of us are using those bags over and over again or for tasks that would otherwise have us buying plastic bags. And buying plastic bags would mean more production and duplication of products. People use the bags to line garbage cans, wrap up the baby soiled diapers and so on. And even when these bags aren’t used in the place of other purchased bags, they can fake rolex be and often are recycled.If a ban on the bags is on the way, it should be a statewide one. Grocers have expressed a strong preference for one easy rule. And while it fun to say you fought the fake rolex “bag monsters,” Adams should resist a city ban and encourage state lawmakers to successfully tackle the issue this coming legislative session.But as leaders talk about the bags and how we use them, they should continue to explore unintended consequences and help us all understand ways to avoid them.