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Pit bull puppies found dead near humane society

The bodies of two pit bull puppies left near the Humane Society of Greater Dayton on Wednesday have been sent to Columbus to undergo necropsies.The puppies, which humane society officials said were roughly four months old, had been discovered at the corner of Danner Avenue and Nicholas Road. Brian Weltge, president and CEO of the humane society, saw the plastic bags and immediately thought they were suspicious.Weltge said there were no obvious signs of trauma. He said the dogs appeared to be a good size and weight for their age.”The animals appeared to be dead for some time,” he said. “They weren’t put into these bags alive they passed away somewhere else and then were dumped here.”The necropsies will be performed at the Department of Agriculture.”The first thing that pops in my mind when we find things like this is that t rolex watches hey may have died of some sort of infectious dis rolex watches ease,” Weltge said. “Maybe (something like) Parvo. We’re just not quite sure.”The dogs were not wearing tags.”These dogs may have been sick,” the humane society’s Jessica Garringer said. “We would like to do an educational push for low cost vaccinations in the community.”The humane society offers non emergenc rolex watches y veterinary care twice a month, which includes vaccinations. The center also offers low cost deceased pet care. Prices rolex watches for that service will range depending on the size of the animal.