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Pink and Barbara

I am looking for 3 special people:

A dutch person ( not anymore see edit att the bottom) , A native English speaker and Swedish person. have made a new bag pattern and I would like to have some test seamstresses. You don have to be a super sewer, just someone who would like to test drive one of my new patterns and see if they understand everything and see if everything works. I would like to have people who can sew the pattern fairly fast/soon so I can put the pattern out. It feels like I want to use every free minute I have. So as soon as she fall rolex watches s asleep I hurry of doing something.

I finished the bag I was making.

I am going to use it as a my diaper bag. Here are some picutres of the inside:

I also made a zipper bottom as I sometimes make. Here I h rolex watches ave an extra set of rolex watches clother for Molly and other things I don use that often.

I have also made some new sheets for Molly to match the basket quilt I am going to be making:

The design is from Black Bird Design in the Friendship Garden book.

That is all for today! Have a great weekend!

Would you like to swap with me?

I would love to swap small 2 by 2 inch pieces of fabric with you for my thimble quilt. Send me an email at: [email protected] get my homeaddress and send me an envelope with pieces of fabric in beige/white brown or pink. I would love it to have a print I can cut out. I will send you back the same number of fabrics and the small template to make your own thimble quilt. I will send you fabrics rolex watches in the color that you would like (please note I don have batiks, purples, novelty fabrics etc. please look at my blog and at my quilts to get an idea of what kind of fabrics I have) Let me know if you would like to swap.

In Dutch:

Vind je het leuk om lapjes met me te ruilen? Ik wil graag lapjes ruilen die 2×2 inch zijn voor mijn vingerhoedjes quilt. Stuur me een email voor mijn thuisadress en stuur me dan een envelopje met stofjes in roze,bruin en wit. Ik zou graag stofjes willen waar ik een motiefje uit kan knippen zoals de roos hierboven in het voorbeeld. Ik stuur je dan hetzelfde aantal lapjes terug met een malletje voor je eigen quiltje. Ik stuur je graag stofjes toe in de kleurtjes die je leuk vind. Je kunt op de website zien wat ik voor stofjes heb. (ik heb geen fele kleurtje, batiks enz) Stuur me graag een email naar: [email protected] je wilt ruilen!