rolex watches PING Introduces Ultralight Man

PING Introduces Ultralight Mantis Golf Carry Bag

Mantis(TM) carry bag.

Tipping the scales at barely 2.5 pounds, the PING(R) Mantis was

developed with “significant input” from golfers who walk and

carry their golf bags.

“From the outset, ou rolex watches r goal was to keep the weight of the carry

bag as minimal as possible,” said John A. Solheim, PING
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chairman/CEO. “We’ve created what we feel is the most

functional, innovative and ultralight carry bag on the market.”

A key feature of the PING Mantis is a patent pending,The idea for the unique bag stand originated with Solheim on an

overseas business trip in April, 1998. The finished product is a

collaborati rolex watches ve effort of Solheim and a PING eng rolex watches ineering/design team.

Totally new to the industry, the leg mechanism for the bag stand is

attached to the top of the Mantis, and is easily activated using one”When the golfer sets down the Mantis, an easy movement of the