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Pinellas County pokes holes in ‘myths’ of sandbag protection as it sacks service

The TV reporters rush to the water’s edge, and there at the end of a long line stands a man in rubber boots and a flapping poncho. The cameras zoom in, then past him, for the star of this moment is not the man, but the object he lugs, heaves and piles.

This scene, in movies and in real life, is a familiar one. Because what is a sandbag without a flood? A bag of sand. But not so in the face of impending watery doom. It is, at that time, brave. Noble. Iconic.

Earlier this week, officials here announced that they will no longer o rolex watches ffer sand or bags t rolex watches o residents during hurricane season. Because, the county concluded, the bags just don’t work that well.

“We’re trying to dispel a rolex watches lot of myths here across Pinellas County,” said spokesman Tom Iovino. “We would rather spend the time helping people get ready rather than make people feel like they’re ready.”

In ideal conditions, sandbags divert flowing water. Over time, usu rolex watches ally a day or two, standing water will saturate the bags and then leak through them.

Still, other Tampa Bay communities will maintain the service as they always have.

“The average person wants to do anything they can to protect their property,” said Jim Johnston of Pasco County’s emergency management. “Even if it’s a feeble attempt or will ultimately fail.”