rolex watches PINee Bag from SHINeeI see

PINee Bag from SHINee

I see that lots of people are looking for a pinapple PINee bag like the one carried by SHINee Onew on the show Wonderful Day/Surprise Vacation. Here are tips on how to find a PINee exactly like Onew either in your local H or online.

1. Buy a PINee at an H $15 + tax (in the US). PINees are made by H I took a picture of a tag from a PINee to show rolex watches you thesku numbers associated with PINees in case you want to call your local H to check to see if they’re in stock. I usually have to visit two H before locating any PINees. If you go to an H store, PINees are often mixed in with other merchandise, so hunt around; they’re n rolex watches ot always in the accessories de rolex watches partment.

2. Buy a PINee online. I set up shops that sell PINees (fanserviced and termarlene) after hearing that people want them and can’t find them. Other eBay sellers sell PINees, too. You can find and compare all the current eBay PINee listingshere. The prices vary, but they’re considerably more expensive than buying a PINee yourself in an H I answered the question of how I can justify charging so much more for eBay PINees than H does in great detailhere. It basically boils down to the financial risk of being stuck with a ton of pineapple bags, the selling fees, PayPal fees, cost of shipping supplies, cost of returns, time taken from the work day to send the packages, etc. The reason I’m selling PINees is not actually to make a profit for myself, but to hopefully earn the blog some money for giveaways.

3. Win a PINee. With the profit from the sale of my first set of PINees I have been able to fund a”Beach and Books” giveawaythat includes two PINees. I understand that not everyone can afford a PINee online or at H so this is a way of giving more people a chance of owning one. rolex watches The giveaway is happening on my Tumblr blog and ends on June 30th. [ended June 30th congrats to the winner!]