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Picnic Backpacks

June 10, 2008 By Christine Steendahl Leave a CommentThe next time you want to enjoy natural surroundings with your friend, spous rolex watches for sale e or loved ones, one of the things you should take with is a picnic backpack. While everyone is familiar with a picnic basket, picnic backpacks are the latest and greatest in a lin rolex watches for sale e of items to help you experience quality time together. If you are looking to enjoy nature and be together with friends and family, a picnic backpack is the perfect accompaniment.Picnic backpacks look similar to hiking backpacks. On the outside they are constructed of fabrics like traditional backpack (canvas, acrylic, etc), but inside instead of carrying trail guides, clothes, caps and mosquito repellant they are stuffed to the brim with cozy picnic accessories.For instance, a picnic backpack will include two plates, utensils for two, two wine glasses, some napkins and a cooler chamber to store your food. On the outside of your picnic backpack, there is a chamber to safely carry a bottle of wine or other beverage. On the other side is a chamber where you can roll up and place a picnic blanket. The picnic backpack looks surprisingly ordinary and is a great accessory for those looking to have a picnic a few miles into the countryside without having to haul a picnic basket through moderate trails. Many picnic backpacks even include a compartment to carry a few of your hiking essentials such as a hiking map, sweater and cap.Picnic backpacks are generally made of canvas and have padded rolex watches for sale shoulder straps for easy and comfortable hauling. They most often include plenty of room for a nice lunch or treat. The cooler compartments on many picnic backpacks even have room for an ice pouch to keep foods fresh for more than just a couple of hours, giving you time to get to your picnic spot and still have fresh, cold food.Since wine is essential, most picnic backpacks have a cushioned and cooled side compartment to carry your wine bottle safely through the woods or countryside. Many picnic backpacks also add a cheese knife and cheese cutting board for a sophisticated picnic treat.Picnic backpacks are very affordable and most often start at around $50. There are some that include special compartments and accessories that can cost $150 or more. Many people choose to buy a picnic basket for a close friend or their spouse, giving them a hint to take them on a wonderful trip that includes a delicious picnic. Picnics are a great way to enjoy nature and spend quality time with one another. Besides being a great gift for a close friend or significant other, they make awesome corporate gifts, especially if you have a boss or colleague that enjoys the outdoors. Read our full Te rolex watches for sale rms of Service.