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Pickleball picks up in the Glendale community

“It took me 15 seconds to decide,” said Pura, who revamped the court with a new coat of paint, lighting and equipment. He also turned a basketball court on the roof into another pickleball court.

While pickleball communities are popping up around the world, they tend to thrive if there’s a point person willing to put in the time to grow the community, Pura said.

Four years ago it would be hard to get a handful of rolex watches for sale people to play in Glendale, but now about 20 play on the two courts for about two and a hal rolex watches for sale f hours twice a week. The players, who range in age from 20s rolex watches for sale to 80s, with most on the older side of the spectrum, come from Glendale, Los Angeles and even out of state.

On Thursday morning Eric Block, a phys rolex watches for sale ical education teacher from North Carolina, was playing a game with Kibibi Mack Shelton, a history professor from Maryland. Both play in Glendale while visiting family in the area.

“I fell in love with pickleball the first time I played,” Mack Shelton said, adding that she can’t find a pickleball court near her hometown. “My family now believes I’m not coming here to visit them.