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Plastic Bag Experiments

Grocery store plastic bags can sometimes break or fall apart on the way out of a store, spilling your merchandise all over the parking lot. Determine how much a plastic bag can hold and the strongest plastic bag by collecting different plastic bags from grocery stores or other retailers in the local area. Make a chart showing the number of different plastic bags and the name of the store where you got each one. Make an estimate of how much weight a p replica watches uk lastic bag can hold, then find a bench press and set a plastic bag on the bar. Add weights to the plastic bag until it breaks. Record how much weight it took for the plastic bag to break, then repeat until you done the same for the rest of the plastic bags.

See if the real weight matched up with the estimate and determine the strongest plastic bag from the data you collected.

Witness how a simple chemical reaction can pop a plastic bag. Take a water tight plastic bag that can be sealed shut. Pour 1/2 tablespoons of baking powder into the middle of a 5 inch across paper towel square, then fold the square to form a packet to hold the bak replica watches uk ing powder,. Pour into the plastic bag 1/4 cup of warm water and 1/2 cup vinegar. Drop the folded paper towel into the plastic bag, then quickly close the bag. Shake the bag to mix the ingredients, then place the bag on the ground or in the bathtub. The bag will pop because of the chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking soda.

Experiment with how the chemical reaction changes by using different sized plastic bags, cold and room temperature water and using printer paper or toilet paper instead of paper towels. Record the results.

Witness the power of solar energy by learning to float a solar bag. A solar bag is a long, thin black bag made out of plastic. The black color of the bag al replica watches uk lows it to efficiently harness solar energy, and its lightweight plastic material allows it to float in the air. Solar bags can be bought from many science experiment websites. Once you have a solar bag, go to a park and take the bag out of its package. Carefully unroll the solar bag so as not to puncture or tear the plastic, then run a distance with the bag open to fill it with air. Tie the bag end and tie it to the ground with kite string. The solar bag should then float into the air as it becomes heated by the sun after 10 minutes or so. The solar bag floats because the heat of the sun makes the molecules inside of the bag increase in speed.

You can try experimenting with different sizes of solar bags, different amounts of air inside the bag and different outdoor temperatures to see how the solar bag is affected.

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