replica watches uk Plastic Bag Craft Projects

Plastic Bag Craft Projects

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysCut a plastic store bag in half from bottom to top. Stuff each half of the bag with other plastic bags. Tape the seams of each tube created by the stuffed half bags. Tie decorative ribbon pieces around the tubes every few inches. Pull the ribbon tight to create a puffy look from the plastic stuffed tubes. Arrange two or more of the tubes on a cardboard wreath frame. Hot glue the bottom edges of the tubes onto the cardboard. If desired, glue seasonal items, su replica watches uk ch as small foil wrapped packages or plastic Easter eggs onto the puffy wreath. Hot glue a length of ribbon to the back of the cardboard to make a hanger for t replica watches uk he wreath.Keep the kids busy by helping them create flying toys from recycled bags. Have the kids draw or paint on a bag. For a toy parachute, attach a length replica watches uk of yarn from each of the two handles, letting the yarn hang down about two feet. Let the kids tie a lightweight, nonbreakable toy (teddy bear, plastic Army man, unbreakable doll replica watches uk ) to the yarn. The kids can toss the parachute up into the air and watch it come back down slowly as the wind fills the bag. Make an easy kite by tying a long piece of string onto both bag handles, with the handles together. Kids can run and hold the kite behind them. The wind will fill the bag and cause the kite to fly as high as the string allows.