replica watches uk Plastic bag charging scheme

Plastic bag charging scheme

The Government is planning to bring in a 5p charge on single use plastic bags in England from next year, following similar moves in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

In Wales, a 5p charge has reduced the number of carrier bags given out by 75%. Northern Ireland has also introduced the charge, and Scotland will do so later in the year.

But in England, Defra has made the rules replica watches uk super complicated. Shops will be able to give away paper bags or reusable plastic “bags for life” for free.

Crucially, businesses with fewer than 250 employees will still be able to give away plastic bags replica watches uk for free. The move is designed not to punish small businesses, but we’ve already spot replica watches uk ted two loopholes:

Chains which operate a franchise system might be able to wriggle out of replica watches uk the legislation by claiming individual franchises employ fewer than 250 people.

It isn’t clear to us that Mother Nature would agree that some non biodegradable plastic bags are more worthy than others and have less of an impact on the environment.