replica watches uk Plasencia TKO The Cigar Journa

Plasencia TKO The Cigar Journal

Big things come in sma replica watches uk ll packages, as the saying goes. The renowned cigar man Nestor Plasencia must have had this in mind when crafting the P replica watches uk lasencia TKO, a little, 4.0 x 42 cigar from Esteli, Nicaragua that packs quite a punch. Small but powerful much fuller bodied than the rest of Nestor’s line the TKO must not be judged by its diminuitive looks, nor by its extremely reasonable price. For the TKO is indeed aptly named.

The cigar is so small that it looks rather like a fat brown cigarette. Cute, almost. Out of its cellophane the cigar looks shockingly dark, almost black. The thick maduro wrapper could be described as being somewhat rough. “Oil saturated” would also describe this cigar quite well. The unlit stick has that nice, earthy, “biological” (ahem) smell that maduro aficionados love to find. For its size, it’s medium in weight.

As I lit the replica watches uk little cigar, I was noticing that the draw was quite nice; and then . WHAM! I was struck with instant, raw strength. Power. I loved it! There is no waiting with this cigar. The TKO provided an immediate punch for the strong cigar lover.

After a puff or two the rawness of the smoke subsided; it was now a luscious, immensely peppery cigar, full of unusual and distinctive flavors and rich, maduro ripeness. The stick was still massively powerful but now also flavorful. It was making my eyes water just a bit. I felt like letting go with a Tim Allen “Errr rrrr rrrrr!”

The flavor profile presented me with a unique challenge: this was quite unlike any other cigar that I had ever experienced. Groping for descriptive terms, I could only come up with “peppery.” It was indeed a maduro flavor, but was strong and dry, and not at all sweet. This little cigar was so powerful that it was difficult to make out specific flavor not replica watches uk es. It wasn’t at all harsh any mediocre cigarmaker could blend a strong, harsh cigar. No, this one wasn’t harsh. It was powerful.

I reasoned that the filler blend must have been nearly all ligero. The skill of Nestor Plasencia was evident. This was about as powerful a cigar as can be blended while preventing that dreaded harshness. Yes, TKO is an apt name. It may be small, but remember: a small but well placed punch to a boxer can knock him out.

At 15 minutes the flavors were peppery, grassy, herbal. I removed an inch of compact, whitish ash from the little stick. At 20 minutes when I had reached the halfway point, I began to notice the slightest hint of cocoa. Strong and dry, this cocoa flavor note became quite plenteous and soon overtook the rest. The smoke was now no longer herbal. A cocoa note also began to dominate the finish. This was now a delicious, strong, highly unique, and delightful little cigar.

At 35 minutes I tapped off another inch of ash. The finish had now become the best part, with cocoa galore. The little stick was reduced to a one inch stub, and (strangely) not nearly as strong as before. It had become almost minty.

Alas! at 45 minutes I had to stop. A half inch stub of its former self, my TKO was too small to hold onto any longer. I reassured myself by realizing that I would be savoring that dry, chocolatey minty finish for minutes to come.

Why did Nestor decide to make his strongest stick so small? If you think about it, it makes sense. Cigars of smaller ring gauges and of shorter length often produce more immediate flavors, and become fuller, sooner. By making this cigar both short and fairly thin, Nestor Plasencia gave the lover of strong cigars a full blast of immediate and constant gratification. Brilliant, I say.