replica watches uk Plants Need Nutrition To Stay

Plants Need Nutrition To Stay Healthy Too

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Did you ever stop to realize that plants and trees also require proper nutrients to grow into healthy plants? Did you know all plants need at least 15 chemicals to ensure good growth? Perhaps you never paid any attention to plant needs. They need nutrients and those nutrients come in the form of fertilizers.

Plant nutrients are grouped into three categories according to plant needs major, minor, and trace elements. The major elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are required in large quantities. Nitrogen is responsible for good green color and growth. Too much may affect the plant’s quality.

Phosphorus is needed for good root growth, sturdy plant tissues and speedy seed formation.

Potassium encourages root growth and improves plant vigor, which makes plants more resistant to disease, drought and frost.

Minor elements are necessary for good growth but are needed in smaller amounts. This group includes sulfur, calcium and magnesium. If lacking, they can affect plant growth as much as major elements.

Trace elements also are necessary for plant growth, but in very small amounts. Included in this group are copper, iron, manganese, zinc and molybdenum. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen also are required, but they come from air and water and are not added with fertilizers.

All these elements are needed for good plant growth and if any is lacking or deficient, the plant will suffer. Complete fertilizers such as 6 6 6, 8 8 8 and similar types contain the three major elements. Some minor and trace elements generally are included in these mixes. Fertilizer bags should list contents on the tag. The tag lists all major and minor elements, as well as a source from which they are derived.

The first number on a fertilizer bag indicates the per replica watches uk centage of available nitrogen. The second number indicates the percentage of phosphoric acid, and the third the percentage of potash. A 100 pound bag of a 6 6 6 fertilizer contains 6 pounds of nitrogen, 6 of phosphorus and 6 of potash.

Now that you understand the meaning of the numbers on fertilizer bags, you may wonder why there is such a wide price r replica watches uk ange for a 100 pound bag of a 6 6 6 fertilizer. The answer lies in the source from which the elements were obtained.

A fertilizer containing a percentage of its nitrogen from organic sources such as sludge, tankage, seed meals or manure costs more than one derived from inorganic or chemical sources. The higher the organic content, the higher the cost.

Don’t feel too badly if you ge replica watches uk t confused in selecting a fertilizer, because over 1,400 are registered in Florida. This does not include liquid fertilizers. If you have any questions about fertilizing lawns and plants, stop by the County Extension Agents office, 3695 Lake Drive, Cocoa, and pick up copies of information on this subject.