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Planting seeds for top wines at Haywards of Locksley

“We only want to produce good wine, and have no interest in producing wine that isn’t terrific,” David said.

LOCKSLEY HAYWARDS OF LOCKSLEYProperty: vineyard, agistment, lifestyleSize: 26haPrice: $625,000Sale: privateAgent: Peter Wilson and CoContact: Stephen Taylor on 0499 551 915 And the key to that was choosing the right varieties for this area between Avenel and Euroa and making wine the old fashioned way.

The couple planted more vines in 2004, and now have a small vineyard of 2ha, including mainly shiraz, as well as viognier, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, petit verdot and a small amount of merlot and malbec.

The couple installed a winery with a 40 tonne crushing capacity in 2004 and now produce three, award winning wines.

“We process about 10 tonne, but we could easily, without blinking, move that up to about 30 40 tonne if we needed,” David said.

“It’s quite a reasonably set up winery in terms of space.”

These days, most of the couple’s wine is made at nearby Delbard Winery, as both David and Jane work full time.

“We do a little bit of our production, but my full time work was teaching winemaking and it took me away from here, so, in about 2009, we got some of our wine contract produced, and then again each season since,” David said.

“Our wine is always made very traditionally.

“We use open fermenters, hand plunging, basket pressi replica watches ng, minimum intervention, natural saddling of the wine, all those sorts of things.

“It doesn’t go through the normal, industrial winemaking processes.

“One of the reasons that we get our wine made at Delbard is that’s the way they make wine,” he said.

David has been teaching winemaking 14 years, most recently at the University of Melbourne.

“My parents had a vineyard for years, which I was involved with, but this is my first serious project,” David said.

“What we’ve done is what we think is right for this territory.

“The shiraz is notoriously good anywhere in Australia. It just shows its own character depending on where you put it and let it express itself.”

David said it had been hard to pick a white variety to suit the climate.

“We picked viognier because we think it makes a good wine in this sort of region,” he said.
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But, at the end of the day, red wine is David’s greatest passion.

“I guess our blended red is about our passion for those varieties together,” David said.

The couple is now hoping to move to Tasmania and find a similar sized winery.

In a good year, the winery has produced about as much as three tonnes to the hectare of various varieties, and up to eight tonnes to the hectare of shiraz.

The winery has been run organically and biodynamically.

“We’re not certified, so we don’t make big claims about it, but we’ve never put an insecticide, herbicide or fungicide out in the vineyard in the 13 years,” Jane said.

“It’s never had synthetic fertilisers. It has natural composts. We have grass underneath the vines, so it’s not immaculate like a Mornington Peninsula vineyard might look.”

David and Jane also run about 500 sheep on agistment.

David said the property would suit somebody from Melbourne looking for a small vineyard and weekend lifest replica watches yle. replica watches

“Someone who is wanting to grow the business bigger might want to take it over. The vineyard is already started and the winery is already there.”

The house, which they saved from demolition after moving it from the University of Melbourne’s Dookie agriculture campus, has been renovated and has three bedrooms, a dining room, loungeroom, bathroom, separate toilet and kitchen.