replica watches Planting Pesticide treated tre

Planting Pesticide treated trees

However, the fact that some workers are reporting effects on their skin shows that, in these cases, the controls to prevent exposure just are not working properly. It is very important to remember that PPE will be replica watches come contaminated with pesticide residues (that means it is working properly) and it is essential that workers do not touch exposed skin with contaminated PPE, such as gloves.

This article highlights some of the most important information that needs to be considered when planting treated trees.

Planting Pesticide Treated Saplings Important Guidance

1. Training

All operators must have had appropriate training in how to carry out the tasks required

Where plants have been treated with a pesticide, you should carry out a risk assessment as required under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH). The COSHH assessment will help you identify the controls that need to be adopted.

You should also ensure that operators report any incidents of ill health effects to the supervisor immediately.

Provide tra replica watches ining on putting on, washin replica watches g down, taking off storing PPE.

Keep treated plants and contaminated materials away from resting and eating places, stored personal clothing and the passenger areas of vehicles.

Plan the placement of portable washing water around the placement of plants. Personal Protective Equipment

When planting treated saplings use the following PPE:

Either: A suitable protective bib and brace overall and suitable protective elbow length gloves with cuffs inside protective (plastic) elasticated elbow length sleevelets

Or: A suitable two piece suit and wrist length gloves with cuffs inside th replica watches e jacket sleeves and safety wellingtons or water repellent boots with a good grip to be worn inside the protective trouser legs

Always put on and take off protective clothing in the right order

Ensure all protective clothing is clean undamaged at the start of each work period pay particular attention to gloves.