replica watches Plantation woman bids for bins

Plantation woman bids for bins

So the high replica watches school American history and government teacher waited for more than an hour to talk to the City Council at a recent meeting.

Nagel asked that residents be allowed to use recycling bins instead of the clear plastic bags they now must purchase at supermarkets in the city.

Other cities use recycle bins, Nagel said, mentioning Sunrise, Cooper City and Davie. “We can have bins one for glass, one for plastic, or one big bin,” she said.

Nagel said Plantation has a low garbage collection fee. She suggested charging residen replica watches ts $2 or $3 more each month.

The base rate for residential users in the city is $6.25. Melaleuca Isles and Plantation Acres homeowners pay $25.73, and Hawks Landing residents pay $36.12. The higher fees are for Waste Management trash haulers to go to the side of a hous replica watches e and take garbage and recycling to the truck. All residents pay a $1 monthly recycling fee.

Denise Vincent, a neighbor who accompanied Nagel to City Hall, said she doesn’t buy the plastic recycling bags. Each week, she said she takes cans, bottles, Styrofoam, milk cartons and newspapers to the city’s drop off center at 750 NW 91st Ave.

Mayor Rae Carole Armstrong and the council was sympathetic to Nagel’s request, especially when the conversation shifted to prohibiting plastic bags of all types, including those used by most area supermarkets. replica watches

“We will look at it,” Armstrong said. “We’re going to ask some questions of Waste Management.”

The city’s contract with Waste Management includes recycle bags, she said.

Cost is an issue, Armstrong said. The city would have to pass the cost on to residents.

“The beauty of the system,” Armstrong said, “is that [with plastic bags], your streets are immediately cleared as soon as your garbage or recyclables are picked up.” Plastic bins, she said, are out until the evening when people come home from work and take them back to their houses.

“We have to put in the easiest system so people have an incentive to recycle,” Armstrong said. “The bags are not a deterrent to recycling.”

City Council President Rico Petrocelli said he thought Waste Management might charge residents upfront for the bins. Some people can’t afford them, he said. “It’s just about cost.”