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Plant regulation of microbial enzyme production in situ

S replica watches oil extracellular enzymes regulate the rate at which complex organic forms of nitrogen (N) bec replica watches ome bio available. Much research has focused on the limitations to heterotrophic enzyme production via lab incubations, but little has been done to understand the limitations to enzyme production in situ. We created root and symbiotic mycelia exclusion treatments using mesh in growth bags in the field to isolat replica watches e the effect of roots and other portions of the microbial community on enzyme production. When fertilized with complex protein N we found increases in N degrading enzyme concentrations only when root in growth was allowed. No response was observed when complex N was added to root free treatments. Expanding on economic rules of micro replica watches bial element limitation theory developed from lab incubation data, we suggest this is due to active transport of labile carbon (C) from roots to associated microbial communities in root bags.