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I never fertilize my garden. My excuse is that I never remember to do it, I have a big yard, and I don’t know what fertilizer to use on which plants and when to fertilize the different plants. We’ve lived here for 2 1/2 years and my yard looks anemic compared to when we first moved in. The previous owner was always out there watering and fertilizing. I was looking at pictures of the yard from back then and it was all full and lush. We live in Long Beach, CA. Is there a single fertilizer that works good on everthing?Nitrogen makes plants grow (lush green foliage, green grass, etc). Phosphorus helps plants flower and vegetables set fruit. Potassium is used by all plants for general health and it also is used for replica watches flowering/fruiting.Very good choices are the 3 month slow release fertilizers such as OSMOCOTE 14 14 14, MULTICODE 14 14 16, ETC. They are also sometimes sold as VEGETABLE FERTILIZERS. If you can not find them, but your graden center has pelleted 10 10 10 or 5 10 10 fertilizers then buy same.Once you find a brand/type you like, stay with it. Y replica watches ou dont need different fertilizers for different flowers/shrubs. Use this type for all your shrubs, flowers, etc. You can even use it on green plants (except grass) for shurbs, per replica watches ennials (flowers which come back year after year), green plants, and flowering trees use a product such the OSMOCOTE (or similar) once in spring and once in fall. Spread around the plants and water in well. This you can use for all plants except grass. for lawns buy fertilizer which is specifically formulated for this purpose. They usually come in larger replica watches bags (25 40 lbs) and will say LAWN fertilizer on them. They are also pelleted. Apply every 3 months from early to late summer. Water in well. you only have to differentiate between lawn fertilizers and “other plants”. All other plants can be fertilized with a so called balanced fertilizer (Oscmocote 14 14 14 for example) or a flowering type fertilizer (5 10 5) or a vegetable type fertilizer (5 10 10). Whatever brand/type you manage to find, you can use it for basically all garden purposes (except lawns). Make it easy for yourself and pick a pelleted type and use it for all your fertilizing needs. My recommendation is OSMOCOTE 14 14 14 (to be used every 3 months) but as mentioned, any time of fertilizer will do. for lawns buy specially formulated LAWN fertilizers. They will typically have larger first number (20 5 5, 29 3 4, etc). Fertilizers with a high 1st number compared to the two others are not to be used on flowers/vegetables. Example: Scott’s Turfbuilder 29 3 4.Fertilize lawns every 2 3 months through the summer.Fertilize perennials, shrubs, and flowering trees 2 3 times per year except during the hottest month of the year.Fertilize annual plants on a monthly basisI recommend that you go to a garden center, home improvement store, walmart, etc and see what they have. Try to find a balanced (14 14 14, 10 10 10) or a flowering type fertilizer (5 10 10, etc) and then buy it. Once you have it home, if you are in doubt how often to apply it, when, how, etc then write back and I will guide you based on your specific gardening needs and the specific fertilizer you chose.