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10gen, Ceri Jenkins, Cerian Jenkins, internship, introduction, London, moving to London, placement year, Politics with International Relations, PwIR, tech company, technology, univeristy of Bath, UoBWith the first day of induction over, I was hoping to feel a little more confident upon striding into the meeting room. Fat chance. Today was going to be the toughest part for me; Technical Overview.

As you may be aware from previous posts, unlike my colleagues, I’m hardly from a technical background; instead, I’m a Politics and International Relations student who enjoys a borderline obsessive passion for all things social media an online community.

Believe me, you are not feeling half as boggled as me.

10gen, Ceri Jenkins, Cerian Jenkins, internship, moving to London, placement year, Politics with International R replica watches elations, PwIR, tech company, technology, univeristy of Bath, UoBToday can be summarised in one word; ‘whooooooooooaverwhelming!’

My commute from Chelsea to Old Street takes around an hour (though with the London Olympics taking place, this is liable to change day to day) and runs the risk of being quite confusing. Luckily, living in the 10gen house meant that I was able to make my way to work with a colleague, and a very civilised starting time of 10 o’clock meant that I had plenty of time to get myself ship sha replica watches pe this morning. The atmosphere is one of effortless modernity and professionalism.

The team are all seated at two giant communal desks; a layout completely different to any other office I have worked in, and one which utterly changesthe working environment. You feel far more part of a team.

First on the agenda was equipping the newbies (I started with three other employees, though they are all based i replica watches n sales). Once we had received our company MacBook Airs (oh yes) and set them up to our liking, we were welcomed with a group lunch, including the most mouth searingly hot baguettes I have ever eaten. Unsure if that was a test.

Having received some requests for advice on how to go about getting an internship in London, I thought I’d talk a bit about my personal experiences on the matter.

I’m here to undertake a placement year as the Community Intern at 10gen; a fast growing global software company that develops and provides commercial support for the open source databaseMongoDB.

(If the last sentence makes no sense to you, fear not it took me hours of research to understand even the basics of the impressive technology. I’m in for a Mt Everestesque learning curve come Monday when I am to undertake the 10gen London ‘bootcamp’. Crikey.)

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Quite unusually for me I am going to start with now, revert to yesterday, and then go back to the morning. Just like my least favourite kind of films so please forgive me.

Firstly I asked to leave early, as I came to the end of a long monotonous task of some significance making sure all the posts of the blog have images so there isn’t great blank spaces on the webpage, took an hour and a half at least but feels good to get it prettified.

Secondly, therefore I am on a train an hour earlier. Fantastic! Accept that instead of being on 20 minutes early and getting my seat, I was running like a loony with the rest of them, as opposed to the best of them who were already sitting there smugly. However, I have managed to get a table seat, (I am going to regret writing this as I bet I jinx myself) as it is reserved but the person who reserved it has failed to show

We are fine. Thirdly there are some very posh people opposite me that have obviously been on some sort of hike and are discussing the perils of their first world lives. They are drinking sparkling wine (not champagne so are obviously mutton types) and were moaning how they couldn’t finish it, so I piped up and said I will have some! Quite usual for an Altonite, but not when dressed as a middle class Bathonian. They have just said they are going to Benidorm so they are definitely pretending like me to be posh. I have to admit they are doing rather better than me. Except the fact that the man opposite has very short shorts and very long legs, the outcome of which is his knee hairs tickling my knee caps very grossed out. I would spread my legs to avoid them but I have no tights on so fear that may be slightly more socially awkward

Ok so on to a few little bits I missed from yesterday. Firstly, I took my Teeline shorthand book on the train with me somewhat optimistically. I seem to be able to bash this thing out faster and faster, I hope it doesn’t show? In my placement year I had all these grand ideas of things I would get done with having just one job instead of a gazillion, finally realising that wasn’t very realistic. I have however calculated that if I continue writing at my current pace and word count, every day for the rest of this internship I will have written 720,000 words. Pretty sure that is enough for a series let alone one book! Let’s hope I don’t run out of interesting things to say!

Also last night, for the first time I picked up an Evening Standard; unusual huh? And as I picked it up it was already open on the business section. To my shock and horror, I started to read it. The business section is usually the last section of a newspaper I read, even after sport! Not only did I read it, I enjoyed it (mainly replica watches because it was about media). One article by Gordon Spanier was discussing how every business now must also be a communications company, as brand savvy citizen journalists on social networking sites will have the conversation whether they are included or not. And so is the better option. Another fine piece by Roy Greenslade, about blogs scooping up the neglected niches that papers have been forced to leave behind. Online are picking up an audience as they have no running costs, therefore it is easier to build a larger audience, from whom you then can create revenue through advertising for sporadic print editions. As you started online, there is so much less risk. Your core audience base will always be there, and will most importantly already know how to use a computer.

Ok so here is where I would usually begin this morning. This is one of several mornings where I have noticed a rather creepy hobo looking man lingering at the bus stop (see picture) at the same time as me. What makes him creepy is the fact that not once has he got on my bus, but today was the third time he was in town before me, literally on the other side of the road as if he had teleported to ensure my bus journey was safe. No jokes. This is not the poetic licence I have previously referred to. I need to figure out what is going on here, or it may drive me crazy.

I also took a brave first step today no tights. I shaved my legs, but still have war wounds from the dancing escapades of the weekend. It was sunny in Bath AND London this morning, what I didn’t count on however was it not being quite April enough to go bare legged. I assumed there would be a lovely breeze to stop the summer problem of chafage. But not, no, no there wasn’t. I have decided if I ever become pro cosmic surgery I will get liposuction on my upper inner thighs. The sun was also not wholly welcome, (firstly because I am English and we never like whatever weather we are given) and secondly because I had left my cool one pound ray ban look a likes in the office and so sleeping was disturbed once again my little miss sun shine forgetting to put her bloody hat on and shining through my window.

My hair was in plaits too which was a little risky. Plaits can look cute, but they can also make you look like the office whore. I only realised this when I got on the bus, as I got up ten minutes late, leaving me with ten minutes in total to get ready, meaning my hair had to stay how it was when I went to sleep; wet and in plaits. No one commented, was expecting some banter, but actually spoke to the boys more than the girls today, hmm. Yes I think no plaits tomorrow.