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Pizza Pizza Queens Quay W

On September 11th, at 2:29 am, I ordered a Peppperoni Panzerotti and a 10 pack of chicken wings. I was told the order is guaranteed by 3:09am. Since my building is located a 5 minute walk, it was surprising that the food was delivered at 3:05am, just in the nick of time. However, taking into consideration that it is a Saturday night, I accepted it.

The food that was delivered was HORRIBLE and I have pictures to corroborate my story. My panzerotti had been delivered in the paper bag that the slices are p replica watches rovided in. The oil had leaked through the bag and just by touch, I could tell something was off. Unfortunately the delivery man had already left. After opening the PAPER bag, i noticed the panzerotti was given in some sort of aluminum bag (which wasnt even big enough), and after looking at it further, I realized it must be the bags for chicken tenders since “chicken chicken” was written on it and the panzerottis dont come in that flavour.

When I removed the panzerotti from the chicken aluminum bag, I was disgusted. The panzerotti was deformed and looked like it was folded in half (probably from being carried around in a PAPER BAG). The food tasted microwaved.

Moving on to the wings, it was a 10 pack. The wings AND the TWO dipping sauces were SHOVED into the box to the point that the lid did not even close. Again, I have pictures to prove this.

Honestly this location (Queens Quay West) provides extremely bad service. Also, I have an extremely STRONG feeling (as this has happened before) that since the guaranteed time was 3:09 which falls after their closing time, they intentionally finished all their d replica watches uties and proceeded to deliver my food on the way out. replica watches There has been a time prior where almost the same thing happened, the food was delivered just a litle after 3:00 am and the food was extremely poor quality. I have eaten and still eat at other Pizza Pizza locations and have not replica watches ever experienced such HORRIBLE food.