replica watches Pixie Laptop Backpack from Lex

Pixie Laptop Backpack from Lexie Barnes

The Bottom LineThe Pixie laptop backpack was designed for women who want style and a functional laptop backpack. The Pixie combines both elements very well. The print choices are fun, definitely feminine and very summery. The print I was sent was Pacifica very bright, cheery and well suited for summer use.

I was quite pleased with the amount replica watches of storage space that the Pixie has. I had no problem wi replica watches th getting al replica watches l my mobile gear inside and there is even a hidden pocket which can be used for your cell phone, credit cards or keys.

The storage space is another great feature that I really liked and was pleased with.

The shoulder straps adjust easily and the design shows that thought was put into making sure that the position of the backpack is comfortable and not going to cause your back and shoulders any strain. There is also a comfortable grab handle which is useful when getting in or out of vehicles.

The laptop compartment is well padded and has a snap closure which I really liked, so many backpacks don’t have any type of closure on the laptop compartment and then your laptop may bounce around.

Another feature on laptop bags and laptop backpacks replica watches that I find important are the zippers. Well made and durable zippers will ensure that your mobile gear stays protected from the elements and keep your gear where it belongs inside the laptop bag. The zippers on the Pixie are very sturdy and even with the backpack full I had no problems with the zipper. It is anchored into the Pixie very securely.

I am surprised that the Pixie isn’t available in a choice of sizes for those with larger laptops. Perhaps that will be an option from Lexie Barnes in the future.