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My comp gov book arrived today. I have exactly 2 weeks to learn government and politics for 5 countries. countries and review US gov Joy.

In case you were wondering, the comparative government AP test covers 4 main countries (Britain, France, Russia, China) and 1 of 3 thrid world countries (India, Mexico, or Nigeria). The multiple choice will contain no questions about third world countries. The only questions on thrid world countries will be in the free response section.

SAT today was ok. I concentrated a lot more than I did on my practice tests, so I hoping I did > 1500. I skipped 1 verbal question cause i had a 1/4 or 1/3 chance to get it right. But it turns out my guess would have been correct. Darn. And 1 math question I was incredibly stupid and didn get it. But there no points off, cause it was a grid in response.

Now to wait for judgement day, May 14. Ahh the anticipation replica watches !

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I always wondered what that was :)

awesome comic strip! =D

Government is gay and it taught by Mr. Zehe ( is pronounced “Another example of the American concern for institutional restraints on the exercise of political power is found in the federal structures dividing power between a national government and individual state governments.”

^ Make some sense out of that crap. That an actual quote from the comp gov textbook. I spent maybe half a day reading that thing over and over again trying to make some sense out of it, probably mostly because I just can concentrate (I won say I have ADD, cause everyone says they have that. I make up some other name for it).

After having toiled day and night, spending every waking moment reading (not really), doing extra research online to fill in the many gaps the purple textbook (haha. reminds me of the purple pill. remember that commercial Vioxx or something I have overcome the great obstacle that is British government and politics.

One down, six to go xP

Let take a break from gov and do some math! yipee. Let see. 26 days left until exams. 26 days divided by 6 countries = 4 days each country. And the remaining 2 days I can spend on the more complex countries.

SAT is just vocab building now.

If anyone wants my British gov notes, maybe, if you ask nicely, I give them to you :) OR maybe I sell it 😛