Plastic bags are

Here at Broadsheet, we avidly followed the efforts by fashion icons to make carrying your own reusable bag trendy. See: the international sensation caused by Anya Hindmarch not a plastic bag tote.

Now, the president niece Lauren Bush, a former model turned charity spokesperson, is publicly decrying the use of plastic bags, lobbying against the flimsy pieces of polyethylene and promoting a reusable alternative. Sunday, Bush told CNN that plastic bags are decry fake rolex ing fake rolex their unfortunate environmental impacts, which I written about here.

Bush is fake rolex among those who lobbied the New York City Council to requiring large stores that distribute the bags to take them back from customers for recycling, a measure the council overwhelmingly approved last week. (In other bagging plastic bags news, the Chinese government recently announced that it will ban free plastic bags, joining countries such as Bangladesh and South Africa that have done the same.)

Say what you will about former models and their social causes, it heartening to see Bush use the free publicity from her last name, which is shared by one of the most environmentally destructive presidents in histo fake rolex ry, for an eco crusade. Yet, if she really wants to do something about plastic bags, couldn she lobby her uncle to take them on? Considering Uncle George ideological opposition to almost any regulation of business, we won hold our breath.

Plastic bags are troublesome

Plastic bags take 1, fake rolex 000 years to degrade, so if they aren disposed of properly, they make for a lot of litter that hangs around for a very very long time.

As litter,plastic bagscan be lethal to animals that swallow them or get tangled up in them. Some estimates are that as many as a hundred thousand marine mammals like dolphins, seals, and whales are killed every year by plastic. A million seabirds might be killed every year.

Another reason for getting rid of plastic bags is to my surprise convenience. In our house we have switched to reusable biodegradable bags each of which hold about three times as much as an ordinary plastic shopping bag. It much faster tolug the groc fake rolex eries out of the car into the house, and we have less trash. We keep the bags on a hook in the garage and toss them into the car when we go to the supermarket.

A return to paper bags, of course, would be just as bad for the environment as plastic ones, so that no solution. Just a different kind of problem.

Recycled bags are OK, but they are not degradable and will still lie around in the environment for hundreds of years. However, ordinary plastic and recycled plastic can be made oxo biodegradable.

This is done by including fake rolex d2w additive which makes it degrade, then biodegrade, on land or at sea, in the light or the dark, in heat or cold, in whatever timescale is required, leaving NO fragments NO methane and NO harmful residues. Oxo bio meets American Standard 6954, and is made from a by product of oil refining which used to be wasted, so nobody is importing oil to make it.

There is little or no extra cost.

Plastics made from crops, are at least 400% more expensive, they are not strong enough, and they emit methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) in landfill. Also, it is wrong to use land, water and fertilisers to grow crops fake rolex for bioplastics and biofuels, which drives up the cost of food for the poorest people.

The same applies to growing cotton or jute to make durable bags. These rapidly become unhygienic and become a durable form of litter, but they can be made from oxo bio plastic to last up to 5 years.

Plastic Bags Are the Most Eco

Told ya so, told ya so! Plastic bags have the least impact to the environment. Independent:
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“Unpublished Government research suggests the plastic carrier may not be an eco villain after all but, whisper it, an unsung hero. Hated by environmentalists and shunned by shoppers, the disposable plastic bag is piling up in a shame filled corner of retail history. But a draft report by the Environment Agency, obtained by the Independent on Sunday, has found that ordinary high density polythene (HDPE) bags used by shops are actually greener than supposedly low impact choices.”

Of course it the greenest a plastic bag weighs a tiny fraction of either a cloth or paper bag. The energy required/emissions from the manufacture and the transportation of plastic bags are, accordingly, also a fraction of the energy/emissions for cloth or paper. Recycled paper bags are even worse than virgin paper bags. Paper fibers are shorter and weaker in recycled pulp, and so more of the pulp is needed to create a bag with the same strength as virgin paper. But alas, way too many environmentalists refuse to look at th fake rolex e engineering and science behind these fake rolex issues. bags are, for each use, almost 200 times less damaging to the climate than cotton hold alls favoured by environmentalists, and have less than one third of the Co2 emissions than paper bags which are given out by retailers such as Primark.”

Huh, this report was commissioned in 2005, scheduled for releas fake rolex e in 2007, and England Environment Agency can seem to publish the findings just yet.