Plastic bags are a big help in packing without wrinkles

January 18, 1996By ELSA KLENSCH ELSA KLENSCH,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Next time you travel, try using plastic dry cleaner bags to keep clothes from getting crushed. Cut the bags into shapes suitable for blouses, sweaters, etc. Then fold the clothes over the bags. You’ll find they trap enough air to prevent wrinkling. And pack extras; they come in handy for storing wet bathing suits and dirty laundry.

In some cases with knit pants, for example it’s easier to roll the pants and plastic together. This takes up less room and is a guarantee against creases.

Put shoes in plastic bags. I sometimes put gloves or pantyhose lTC in bags, too. It makes them easier to find. When I unpack I don’t remove the bags until I’m re fake rolex ady to wear what’s in them.

Fold along permanent or “set” creases (in pant legs, shirtsleeves, etc.) whenever possible. This encourages the “fresh from the dry cleaner” look and cuts down on ironing.

Tissue paper is another secret weapon against wrinkles. Line each garment with paper, then fold lengthwise in thirds (to correspond fake rolex with the body’s natural “creases”: elbows, waist, knees).

Pack the heaviest items on the bottom layer to prevent everything else from wrinkling, the most crushable items on top.

Hang up clothes as soon as you reach your destination. If they’re wrinkled, hang them in the bathroom, turn the hot water on in the shower and steam them.

Should you need to take hangers along, the inflatable kind (available in travel stores) take up almost no space and weigh next to nothing.

Pack what you need to wear first on top, so there’s no need to search if you have an appointment immediately after you arrive at your destination.

If you don’t have a travel iron or steamer (another smart investment), you can usually get one from the hotel. Collect sample sizes of your favorite skin care and makeup products (fragrance, too) before your trip. When you buy a beauty product, ask for samples for your travel kit. Check out drugstores for inexpensive, trial size beauty aids, such as toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant.

To keep luggage as lightweight as possible, carry pills and creams in plastic containers. Count out the number of pills or capsules you’ll need for the days you’ll be away and put them in labeled containers.

Plastic makeup organizers with compartments are wonderful for storing essentials, from lipsticks to cosmetic brushes. Make sure the lining is plastic, too, for the easiest fake rolex cleanup should a spill occur.

Carry your cosmetics on board with you. They’ll keep better at cabin te fake rolex mperature than in the cargo hold where extreme cold or heat can ruin formulations. And they’ll be handy when you want to reapply them.

Streamline your makeup choices with double dry products, such as cream to powder base, eye shadow that pinch hits as liner, lip pencil that fills in like lipstick, blush that highlights eyes, too. A suntan product with aloe vera also makes an excellent body moisturizer.

Make sure cosmetics are “cushioned” (those plastic bags create protective pockets of air) to prevent breakage and leakage. To further safeguard against spillage from plastic bottles (shampoo, moisturizer, etc.), compress the open bottle, cover the opening with plastic wrap and then close the top while continuing to squeeze the bottle.

Keep sharp edged beauty aids (razor, scissors, etc.) encased.

For easiest access, pack all of a kind essentials together, in separate bags toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash; feminine hygiene products; shampoo, conditioner, hair spray.

From the book “Style” by Elsa Klensch. Reprinted by permission of the publisher, the Berkeley Publishing Group. A Perigee Book.

plastic bags and Wendy’s Dave Thomas

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Plastic Bags and the SAQ

Today marks the start of the Soci t des alcools du Qu bec’s new plastic and paper bag surcharge policy expected to reduce bag use across the provi fake rolex nce by 4%. By January 2009, the SAQ intends to eliminate fake rolex single use plastic and paper bags from their stores altogether.

Encouraging consumers to view reusable bags as a shopping necessity rather than an option is a fabulous, if not obvious, step to reducing waste.

However, and the cost might seem like no big deal to many, but purchasing a set of canvas bags may add a strain on the already skintight budgets of low income individuals and families. And I have to fake rolex admit I was a little surprised the SAQ offered a free bag with every purchase promotion for only one day . yesterday.

For the sake of comparison, the Jean Talon Market’s Aliments Merci offers a free bag with every $50 purchase. Now and if someone can enlighten me on this, please do so with a comment below or in the

In light of this, if (let’s hear it for when) the SAQ’s initiative catches on to more stores, it would be nice to see free reusable bag with purchase promotions lasting beyond a day. But if other businesses insist on copying the SAQ’s promo for a day approach, how about choosing a date that is not a statutory holiday when people typically think stores are closed, like say . Labour Day.

(2) Evelyn says:Hi Tony!

The SAQ, as you read above is a front runn fake rolex er. And one of Canada most important grocery chains, Loblaws, now charges the customer $0.05 for every plastic bag as a way of encouraging customers to bring reusable bags next time round. There are examples of small businesses who scrap them altogether too.