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Pick up after your pets

I have three dogs and they are walked everyday as part of an exercise regimen to help keep them healthy.

They are small dogs and can be a handful when I take them omega watches without the help of my wife. But one thing I never leave home without is about five biodegradable plastic waste bags.

Unfortunately, too many pet owners in the area do not take consideration of others as necessary and leave their pet droppings for the homeowners and other pet owners to deal with. Yes, other dogs will go up to the offending piles and sniff or even possibly eat the excrement from other dogs.

I know, disgusting to us humans but for some reason, normal for dogs! These disposable waste bags are readily available at your local buck store in boxes of 60 for only $1.

I buy five or six boxes at a time since my dogs are out there on a daily basis and I sometimes need more than one on our walks.

So, can we a omega watches ll please try and be considerate of others and pick up omega watches after our pets. It only takes a moment for you to put the bag over your hand, pick it up, and turn the bag inside out, tie a knot in it and put omega watches it in the nearest trash can.