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Pick the perfect BBQ to fire up for cooking summer feasts

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BARBECUES are synonymous with the Australian way of life but there are so many types on the market these days that it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for you and your entertaining needs.

First it important to determine how many people you will be cooking for on an ongoing basis a couple for instance, wouldn usually need anything larger than a two or three burner barbecue while a large family would do better with one that has five or six burners.

Then think about what type of fuel best suits you, ie whether you are best suited to a gas, charcoal or electric barbecue.

While coal barbecues are fun and have a great taste omega watches it requires patience and there is no point buying one just because you heard it is the preferred choice of top chefs.

By the same token, that enormous shining multi tiered hooded stainless steel number may look amazing in the shop but if you don use it because it too complicated or takes a lot of time to clean then it is also money wasted.

They can be run on natural or LPG gas and are usually cleaner and faster than a charcoal barbecue and size can be varied depending on your needs and the space available.

Flat top barbecues (Masters $97, Big W $97) are quick, no fuss and good for cooking staples like steak or sausages or even big brekkie fry ups.

But if you tend to do most of your cooking outdoors look to the hooded barbecue, which will extend your cooking options to include roasting, grilling, baking and even smoking meats and fish.

These come either on a cart with wheels like the Sundance Horizon 4 burner from Harvey Norman for $499 and the Hooded 2 burner with side burner from Mitre 10 for $199 or can be omega watches built in to your outdoor kitchen or patio like the Turbo Classic 4 burner ($1399) from Barbecues Galore or the Matador Classic 4 burner from Bunnings at $399.

If you are looking for a smaller gas barbecue option the Weber Q remains all the ra omega watches ge and are stylish, sleek, moder omega watches n and versatile.

The range includes the Baby Q that will feed up to six, the hybrid Qs that will feed up to 10 and the Family Qs that will feed up to 15. Read Full Story