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A few months ago, the coach announced a return to its roots with the Coach Legacy collection of handbags and accessories. I spent some time perusing the bags in all the glory of its color and realized that this is the coach who knew and loved. This is the coach who desperately wanted to see a resurgence, and has finally arrived. Good news: Beautiful hides a variety of colors have taken over as coach for the Legacy collection is now available for purchase.

Sunflower carnelian with emerald cobalt to black to neutral colorblock, not all colors, shapes and variety of the bag when it comes to the Legacy Collection coach. Prices are also very reasonable, as ev omega watches en for a large leather bag that comes only to the $ 500 mark, which is more in line with the coach we have all known and loved in the past. While the coach has a fan base that crosses generations and produces poppy elements alien species, the omega watches re release of the inheritance has brought back my love for Coach. It’s all about the leather, the bag, and design, and this is what I started out as a Coachie to start.

Sports is one of the most difficult trends to get right in spite of the relaxed nature style. If you are happy to play with beautiful dresses and high heels, this may be a style that you will struggle with.

In fact, it is about getting the right elements and not throw too many of them together. For example, if you want to try sports pants look try pairing them with heels (pointy courts, if you want to hit another trend), and a simple, loose silk top. As the title suggests, sports luxe is a luxurious take on the fitness look.

If you’re looking for a taste of sports luxe, this Givenchy George V Tote is worth a look. The shape and simplicity of detail gives a nod to the sports luxe, while the color makes it a perfect match for the pastel trend.

How will you be trying sports luxe trend this season? Full of fitness with all the pieces, or a gentle warm up with a hint of accessorising?

Marc Jacobs is opening a couple of his Bookmarc libraries in London and Paris, joining previous offers of the brand in New York and Los Angeles.

The new brand is born from sections of books in Marc by Marc Jacobs stores which proved a hit with customers.

The London store, which will see the official opening of the season after the current track, takes the form of a space of 600 feet below the main square of Marc by Marc Jacobs retail store at 56 South Audley Street, in the popular West End of the city .

The square 500 ft location in Paris shooting a slot next to the current Marc by Marc Jacobs store on the Place du March Saint Honor, in the first arrondissement of the French capital.

It ‘was in September 2010 that the company opened its first store Bookmarc the corner of Bleecker Street and West 11th in New York following a shop in Los Angeles in November of that Melrose.

The stores will be an assortment of accessories, notebooks and books, as well as rare art and fashion tomes as photo Karlheinz Weinberger 1954 1995, retail the work of the Swiss photographer for more than a thousand dollars.

Marc Jacobs is not the only designer to get into the game library. Karl Lagerfeld has created its own library in Paris, Librairie 7L back in December 1999.

Toronto Fashion Week is here, and our city is full of excitement of SS13 collections, street style photographers on the prowl, and the media, bloggers, and omega watches people in the industry floods the tents on King Street. And since it was not able to hit the stores this weekend to take a few things to wear this week, I checked eLUXE wide range of Canadian design pieces instead!

From a spacious bag for a statement jacket, from oh so necessary eye cream, it’s never been easier to add some pieces to your wardrobe Canadian (wardrobe and beauty too!). And with special offer MasterCard Stylicity eLUXE ($ 25 credit when you spend $ 75 or more, $ 25 off purchase of $ 75 or more), the timing could not be more perfect. So take advantage while you can!

Toronto is abo omega watches ut to get a lot more stylish with not one, but two weeks of Italian designers showing their spring 2013 collections to exhibitions, collections, and the World Fashion Week Master Card . one after the other . non stop. That’s a lot of fashion, and a lot of running around. So if you need some tips for a perfect experience fashion week, here are some simple indicators to keep in mind.

Survival guide after the jump!

1. Attending fashion shows throughout the day, photo editing and writing at night leaves very little time for annoying things like washing your hair. Well, Dry Texturizing Spray Oribe is saves the day, keeping my hair smelling fresh and looking bouncy and clean with zero effort. It ‘also wise to stock up a little’ correction, and a trusted beauty pick me up like lipstick red bag to brighten your face, even when you feel tired excellent.

2. Speaking of tired . To keep the body strong and healthy at work those crazy hours fashion week, it’s always good to take vitamins and have some snacks in the bag provided (granola or energy bars, fruit, nuts, etc.). Personally, I always Vitamints on I. Mints and vitamins in one package at hand, these are good for your breath and your body too.

3. Running from show to show in a row, waiting for those shows to start is hard on the feet . especially when super high heels are involved. To survive both weeks standing, keep some patches on the stock exchange, as well as a cute pair of comfortable apartments. Trust me, your feet will thank you.

4. To carry all your essentials for survival, you will need a bag big enough to hold everything, in addition to being quite comfortable to wear. My favorite is the last new Flare x Aldo bag. Not only is it big enough for all my needs (phone, camera, snacks, beauty kit, etc.), but also has a large cross body strap, leaving your hands free to take those moments fashion fashion week. It looks stunning too. Triple victory!

In this day and age, everyone and their mother have created a version of the Birkin. Honestly, it’s not bad. Not bad at all. Salvatore Ferragamo has done something very clever: the bellows is what distinguishes this shoulder bag happy apart from most. God thank you, since the belt system is almost identical to the Birkin, especially in the way it is attached in the back. In addition, it is thin and flat. Rather than look like a knockoff Hermes tote, it breathes “workbag fully grown.” Tote a particular lawyer.

Further details give it distinction. It comes with a handy shoulder strap, adjustable so that you can go from good to casual in a few moments (I particularly like the detail ring hardware), and there is also an external pocket a real improvement inspiration original.

Carlos Falchi Python Shoulder Bag Ava structured

Not bad for Carlos! The details of the structure of Ava are much better than what is normally on slouchy bags is known for. Instead inexplicable details, we have a simple tab closure the wallet is monochrome (a nice departure from the patchwork technicolor). Python and pink that’s all I really need! There is an outside pocket to drop your phone, soft inside and suede lining to protect everything else. Although shoulder is my new thing is pretty enough to be a shoulder bag delicate day.

Let’s face it, the bag love expensive passion. Growth lines celebrities, exotic materials, precious metals and precious stones trend (and there are many) on the bags has led to prices shooting up, and we can not stop to consider every so often, how expensive these items. We wanted to know how it feels to blow 25k on the bag but at the moment it does not, and we left to sit back and watch as the designers decided to make all the parts with higher price tags.

If you want to be shocked, surprised or even experienced in the purchase of luxury yourself you can check out our gallery of the most expensive bags are available now. From Hermes Zagliani, these heavyweight pieces for those who want to make a serious investment.