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Phoenix Living Green

Just this week, there was an announcement of yet another product that is supposed to help us stay green, that has turned out to be bad. This one takes a little more creativity to accomplish, but the benefits are tangible.

Option 1 make your own. Take some old jeans that you can no longer wear and fashion yo omega watches urself 2 large squares any configuration will do here use your imagination seams, pockets, cuffs can all be decorative features of these 2 squares. Turn the outsides in, and sew up three sites. Use some long lengths of the jeans to form straps to the size that fits you best. There you have it a re purposed bag safe for your groceries. You can also consider old towels, 2 napkins, pieces of sturdy blankets, sweatshirts. anything that you can fashion into a few shapes and sew together. Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to squares go wild, form bags suitable to carry wine cylinders. omega watches etc.

Option 2 Check out ebay, Etsy or other crafty places and look out for recycled, or repurposed bags that have been made by other crafty folks. Pay attention to the f omega watches abrics are they new? Then we need to keep looking the idea here is that an older, worn piece of fabric is less likely to have sources of contamination by these metals that are causing issues in plastic printed bag omega watches s.