fake rolex Plastic bags debated again at

Plastic bags debated again at city hall

The Public Works Committee voted to accep fake rolex t the city’s staff report on Wednesday.

“I think Torontonians would like to see an end to this debate,” Councillor Denzil Minnan Wong said fake rolex to reporters at city hall Wednesday. “We’ve done this before. I do fake rolex n’t want to waste more of the council’s time. I’ve heard from many people that they want to move on. We’ve got significant things to deal with, and this keeps on coming up like a bad penny.”

“Torontonians pay enough in taxes, they don’t need to be nickel and dimed every time they go to the store to buy groceries or something they need,” the mayor said. “Today, I cast my vote as mayor at the public works and infrastructure committee to make sure we put the final nail in the coffin of this plastic bag fee once and for all.”

Plastic bags have long been a source of controversy at Toronto’s city hall.

In 2008, council voted to introduce a 5 cent fee on plastic bags at stores around Toronto.

That bylaw went largely unchallenged until Rob Ford’s term as mayor began. In May 2012 his executive committee voted to end the bag fee.

That June, a slim majority (24 20) of council voted to get rid of plastic bags altogether by the beginning of 2013.

The mayor came out strongly against the ban at the time, calling it “the dumbest thing that council’s done.”

He added that the ban was “the people’s fault” because the general population wasn’t involved enough in municipal politics.

Council voted in October not t fake rolex o reopen the debate. But the next month, faced with possible legal action by the convenience store association, they cancelled the bag ban.