fake rolex Plastic Bags Crocheted into a

Plastic Bags Crocheted into a Clutch

: Plastic Bags Crocheted into a Clutch You will need: Plastic Bag String, or plain yarn (I used standard plastic bags. Then line up the edges of the purse. Whip stitch down the sides. Feel free to experiment with patterns made from diffe.Row 14: Chain 3, Double Crochet 20 (this will bring you to t fake rolex he end of the row)Row 15: Single crochet in the second stitch of row 14 (don’t chain up). Single Crochet in the next stitch. Double Crochet 7, Chain 1, Double Crochet 7. fake rolex Single Crochet 2. Put the needle in the top of the last stitch of row 14, and pull through.Row 16: Double Crochet 4 stitches in the top of the last Double Crochet Stitch you did. (It should make a quarter circle) Double Crochet 13. Double Crochet 4 in the next stitch. Insert the needle in the base of the last row, then pull through.To finish, I usually just pull the leftover strand through the loop, then pull it tight. Keep the leftover string to sew up the sides.Thanks!! These actually aren’t new, I used bags we had around the house that hadn’t been taken to recycling yet. Norm fake rolex ally we use reusable bags to shop, but every so often we forget, and have to get the plastic ones. This particular project used relatively few bags, so it was possible to have them all from the same store. I actually had to put one of my other projects, a tote bag, on hold for a few months before I could collect enough bags. I’ve also made th fake rolex ings from produce bags (a different kind of plastic), which you do have to wash.