fake rolex Plastic bags banned from town

Plastic bags banned from town

Shoppers in a small rural town were offered plastic bags for the last time today before it becomes the first in Britain to ban them altogether.

From tomorrow all businesses fake rolex in Modbury, Devon, will not use plastic bags in a bid to reduce the impact they have on the environment.

Traders also believe they are the first in Europe to try such a scheme and today the town was turned into an international media circus as film crews arrived from across the continent.

All 43 businesses are taking part and are displaying their reusable Fair Trade cotton bags and T shirts to celebrate the move, which is being trialled for six months.

The bag ban was the brainchild of BBC wildlife camerawoman Rebecca Hosking, who is from Modbury.

The 33 year old was so moved when she saw the effects of plastic on wildlife she was filming in Hawaii she decided to try and get her home fake rolex town to ban them altogether.

really broug fake rolex ht it home for me was one day filming a turtle, she said. had a plastic bag in its mouth and was slowly dying, there was nothing we could do.

were also filming albatross who were picking up plastic and feeding it to their chicks and we saw so many suffer a slow and painful death.

turned the camera off and just broke down crying. returning to the UK Miss Hosking showed the film to retailers in Modbury and started a campaign to finish with using plastic bags altogether.

All the businesses supported the move and now they are selling specially designed Modbury reusable bags at cost price, 1.50 for a small bag and 3.95 for a large bag.

Mandy Rolt, owner of the cafe and gift shop Top O The Steps, said: is a great thing for Modbury, everyone has been so positive and come together to make this possible.

interest has been unbelievable, I had one woman here on holiday from Northern Ireland who bought 18 just to take back. Co Op is also fake rolex embracing the idea and is offering their own Fair Trade cotton bags. Spokesman Tim Pearce said: are really pleased to get behind this.

is about getting the message across that it is about reusing bags, not having to buy them each time you shop.

are also offering biodegradable bags for five pence each. plastic bags left in the town are also being put to good use and recycled into chairs.

Sue Sturton, the owner of Brownston Gallery, said: plastic bags left in Modbury are now being recycled into these chairs.

has been behind this idea, it is a celebration for the whole town. Hosking said interest in the trial has come from across the world with orders for bags coming from Australia and America and the trial has featured in news bulletins in America, France, Switzerland, India and Russia.