fake rolex Plastic bags banned forever

Plastic bags banned forever

In May 2007 all 43 shops in the Devon town of Modbury stopped handing out plastic carrier bags. After a six month trial, Modbury has now become a permanent plastic bag free zone.

In a year, butcher Simon Wilkinson will save over 100,000 carrier bags.

“It’s been a fantastic success story,” said Simon. “There are two other towns that are now plastic bag free and 80 towns are considering it.”

The Modbury initiative was started following a suggestion by local resident , a wildlife camerawoman.

She came up with the idea after working on a BBC commissioned film about the effects of plastic waste on sea life around Hawaii. You can watch an extract from the film using the link on this page.

The story captured the public’s imagination, and Modbury has been used as a model for others communities that want to ban plastic bags.

“It’s been brilliant, but I want to step back,” she said.

“I do pine to sit on a mountain again with the wildlife. That’s me at my happiest.

“The campaign website has all the information people need and if it doesn’t, then I ask people to use their commonsense. fake rolex

“The reason it has spread like bush fire is because people want it to happen.

“If other towns are to do this, the message has to come from someone who lives in the local community.

“But it’s absolutely amazing what we’ve started here.”

Instead of using plastic bags, shoppers are asked to use 100% biodegradable alternatives made from corn starch, canvas, paper or cotton.

The reusable bags are imported from a small factory in Mumbai and printed in the UK using water based organic ink.

Plastic bag ‘amnesty’ bins are dotted around Modbury and those collected will be recycled.

“We never thought it would take off like this,” Rebecca t fake rolex old BBC Devon. “I just wanted to do my bit for the environment, but it’s just gone crazy.

“It’s shown that local communities can really make a difference. The number of places wanting to fake rolex take up the idea is growing every week from B fake rolex righton to the Isle of Arran.”