fake rolex Plastic bags banned at Alagark

Plastic bags banned at Alagarkoil

Usage of plastic goods, having thickness below 20 micron, has been banned at the Kallazhagar Temple and the Pazhamuthircholai temple premises and the adjoining the Western Ghats in Alagarkoil with effect from Saturday.

is the first among the tourist spots in the district where plastic carry bags and other items like plastic tumblers are banned, District Collector, C. Kamaraj, said after flagging off an awareness rally on ill effects of plastics. The imposition of ban comes after a series of anti p fake rolex lastic awareness campaigns conducted in various places of the district.

Mr. Kamaraj also introduced various eco friendly alternatives to plastic bags and tumblers on the temple premises. He said people could use containers made of leaves, paper cups, bags made of cloth instead of plastic bags and tumblers.

He said littering of plastic would prevent percolation of rainwater into ground, choke the drainage system and even kill animals that swallow plastic bags containing eatables.

Women self help groups would sell the eco friendly altern fake rolex atives through many shops on the temple premises and encourage people to avoid plastic, he added. Krishnaram, said that chemical reaction due to hot food items packed in plastic bags could cause cancer.

Various officials from different departments spoke on eco friendly tourism and the need to protect the heritage structures.

The Deputy Commissioner and Executive Officer of Kallazhagar Temple, S. Kalyani, said over 5,000 to 10,000 devotees visited the temple every day.

The plastic goods littered by the devotees spoiled the environment, she said. Assistant Director, Department of Archaeology, Chandravannan, stressed th fake rolex e importance of protecting the rare age old sculptures of temples.

District Tourism Officer, K. Dharmaraj, and Pasumpon, Assistant Director, Department of Tamil Development, were among those w fake rolex ho addressed.