fake rolex Plastic bags at the LCBOI

Plastic bags at the LCBO

I think this measure should be implemented right away without further discussion and not only in the LCBO stores, but also in every grocery store. This is a long time that some countries in Europe totally banned plastic bags, especially in grocery stores, and the customers have just developed the habit of bringing their own reusable bags when they go shopping, no matter what they purchase (clothes, grocery, electronics, etc.) It is proven that a plastic bag is used in average for 20 minutes. It is time that the Canadians finally do their part for the environment!Of course! This is a no brainer. The LCBO should have cloth or re usable bags. The LCBO should charge a deposit for the bag you return it you get your deposit back or you re use it and you do not get charged the deposit for a new one. McGuinty should take this idea to the private sector as well. If plastic bags must stay then every place that uses them must provide a bag recycling collection bin.

I buy wine on my walk home, not for any green purposes, but because it’s convenient. Currently I store the empty bottles in the garage I’m fortunate enough to have, and use the car once in awhile for the annoying errand of driving the bottles back to a beer store. Now I’m going to be expected to carry around my own bag out of the house on mornings I plan to pick up wine, so I’ll have something to carry the wine home at the end of the day? I suppose men’s purses may become the norm, but more practically, I’ll likely walk home and then take the car to the liquor store. Dropping plastic bags may well work out fine in the suburbs, where everyone already drives everywhere and can easily store spare bags, but at the end of day, this policy doesn’t seem well thought out. You are always going to have customers who need something to carry their purchases home in fake rolex .

Getting rid of plastic bags is a great idea that most people probably agree with, but are habituated to being provided plastic bags at check out. I have about 6 cloth bags in the car that I keep forgetting in the car and then take plastic bags at the store just habit. At Food Basics they do not provide any bags, so I remember to bring a box or my cloth bags. Just stop giving people bags and make the alternative that they have to buy bags at check out. Money to buy bags could be used toward other green inititatives.

I don’t understand what all the hub bub is about regarding plastic bags. So fake rolex they get in the landfills. Big deal! What about all the “disposable diapers,” disinfectant wipes, plastic packaging, etc. etc.? Every time I turn on the television there are commercials f fake rolex or yet another “something” that will end up in landfills and take the next 450 years to fake rolex breakdown. Why is everyone attacking plastic shopping bags? Do you want us to use paper, which cause even more trees to be harvested? Think about it people and stop using those Clorox wipes!