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Plastic Bags are SO Last Century

In so many ways, Brooklyn is helping to “green” New York, with new LEED certified buildings such as the new Duggal Greenhouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, another functioning greenhouse atop the Whole Foods in Gowanus, and an active recycling culture.

But one nut that’s hard to crack is changing consumer behavior when it comes to plastic bags. They’re just so convenient fake rolex . What New Yorker hasn’t, in the past week or two, schlepped around the city carrying one of those highly disposable free plastic bags and then discarded it without thinking twice? Or gone to the greenmarket or local supermarket and grabbed a few bags from a roll for loose produce?

But lately, one notices a very European habit appearing in Brooklyn: young, fashion forward people are carrying their own cloth totes, cloth veggie bags, and recyclable plastic totes. Here are a few best bets.

Online, at Brooklyn based ETSY: Get a fine array of large and small recyclable, washable bags with strong handles.

Online at Reuseit: Organic cotton muslin specifically for bulk and produce shopping.

Whisk: This housewares store in Williamsburg sells reusable, washable bags with no logo; straightforward and simple.

Brooklyn Larder: This shop, which like many others in Brooklyn, specializes in wonderful, artisanal foods including many made locally, also sells a tote emblazoned with the name of one of Brooklyn’s favorite pizzerias, Franny’s.

Brooklyn Museum: Get a cloth tote bag with a black and white design adapted from a 1900 souvenir mug depicting the Brooklyn Museum, Grand Army Plaza, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Park Slope Food Coop: If you’re a member, of course you can buy a string bag, sturdy plastic recycling bag and many other types of bags including tiny muslin bags for your organic brussle sprouts. Similar bags are available at other food coops throughout the borough.

And, of course, for heavy duty shopping, there’s always the trusty Brooklyn Industries backpacks and totes.

How You, Too, Can Transition from Plastic to Recyclable Shopping Bags

Breaking your dependency on plastic bags doesn’t take magic. It just takes planning ahead.

The best way to change your bag habit fake rolex is to have a few differently sized cloth or heavy duty plastic bags at the ready, stuff them in your carry all, so you’re prepared for whatever shopping opportunity awaits.

And, don’t forget to wash them once in awhile.

Cloth Shopping Bags as Green Fashion Lifestyle Statement

Perhaps it was Al Gore’s dire warnings. Or the recession. An obsession with mid century modern. Or the fact that everyone seems to have spent some time in Berlin. But younger Brooklynites have adopted the frugal ways of their fake rolex great grandparents’ generation, by eschewing plastic and instead embracing the cloth shopping bag. In certain neighborhoods:

Just as cycling (read: good, sustainable, healthy, green) has become to cars (read: annoying, energy inefficient, only to be used if necessary, and then preferably shared) .

so are reusable bags (read: good, sustainable, healthy, green) to cheap, disposable plastic bags (read: annoying, energy inefficient only to be used if necessar fake rolex y and then preferably shared or reused).

Bag Behavior Hard to Change, Even at Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Coop

Will Brooklyn embrace the plastic bag free lifestyle, as California seems intent on doing? And if so, will it happen through legislation or through fashion?

We vote for fashion. (Forget rules. On February 25, 2014, the same day that the NY Times ran an article, California Endangered Species: Plastic Bags, the uber environmentally conscious Park Slope Coop’s members voted down a 20 cents per bag tax in order to reduce use of plastic roll bags in the member only store.)

In a word: Fashion forward Brooklyn’s bag habits are changing. So dress it up with your cool, sustainable, washable cloth bag, backpack, or sturdy recyclable plastic shopping bag and do your bit to green the Big Apple.

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