fake rolex Plastic Bags and the SAQTo

Plastic Bags and the SAQ

Today marks the start of the Soci t des alcools du Qu bec’s new plastic and paper bag surcharge policy expected to reduce bag use across the provi fake rolex nce by 4%. By January 2009, the SAQ intends to eliminate fake rolex single use plastic and paper bags from their stores altogether.

Encouraging consumers to view reusable bags as a shopping necessity rather than an option is a fabulous, if not obvious, step to reducing waste.

However, and the cost might seem like no big deal to many, but purchasing a set of canvas bags may add a strain on the already skintight budgets of low income individuals and families. And I have to fake rolex admit I was a little surprised the SAQ offered a free bag with every purchase promotion for only one day . yesterday.

For the sake of comparison, the Jean Talon Market’s Aliments Merci offers a free bag with every $50 purchase. Now and if someone can enlighten me on this, please do so with a comment below or in the

In light of this, if (let’s hear it for when) the SAQ’s initiative catches on to more stores, it would be nice to see free reusable bag with purchase promotions lasting beyond a day. But if other businesses insist on copying the SAQ’s promo for a day approach, how about choosing a date that is not a statutory holiday when people typically think stores are closed, like say . Labour Day.

(2) Evelyn says:Hi Tony!

The SAQ, as you read above is a front runn fake rolex er. And one of Canada most important grocery chains, Loblaws, now charges the customer $0.05 for every plastic bag as a way of encouraging customers to bring reusable bags next time round. There are examples of small businesses who scrap them altogether too.