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plastic bags and prayer in schools

Ridgewood: Re actor Liam Neeson and his views on horse carriages (“City needs horses,” April 16): Just because something worked well for 150 years doesn’t necessarily mean i fake rolex t should continue for another 150. The only reason the industry worked until recently was that no one truly spoke on the horses’ behalf. These horses are not treated humanely. In fact, these beautiful creatures look absolutely miserable. I fail to see how forcing a horse to endure traffic congestion and fumes is beneficial. However, I would like to thank Neeson for reminding me never to support one of his films again. Michele Borg

Bronx: Mr. Neeson, this is not 150 years ago. Horses should not be allowed in the streets, period. Why are these animals not confined to traveling within Central Park? I’m sure the experience would be much more appealing, safe, fra fake rolex grant and satisfying to tourists. Joan D. Dascoli

Brooklyn: Re “Saddle up! News calls for action” (April 17): I know it’s a tough job trying to persuade the public that a hunk of metal is as adorable as a living, breathing horse, but NYCLASS’ assertion that its proposed replacement car “makes you want to jump in and take a ride the second you see it” smacks of sheer desperation. New Yorkers are not so easily fooled. Ruth Moore

Staten Island: The problem with the carriage horses is not having them in Central Park, it’s having them on city streets with city traffic. The horses should not be subjected to the stress and danger, and there is a risk of injury or worse to the horses, drivers, passengers and others. Restrict the carriages to Central Park. Build stables for them in the park, with a pasture where they can relax. Then it would not be necessary for them to travel in traffic. There are bigger fish to fry than arguing about some darn horses: education, housing, jobs. How about focusing on any of those for a change? There are times I miss the city since my move from the Bronx last year, but every other day I read about something ridiculous that cures my homesickness. Tania Picard Braun

fake rolex Brooklyn: You’re doing a great job with the Central Park horses. What about the regressive tax proposed on plastic bags, which will hurt senior citizens, working families and the disabled? The New York Times is for the excessive 10 cent charge but still delivers its overpriced journal every day, rain or shine, in plastic bags. Its readers are rich enough to afford the 10 cents, but we can’t. And how much did this so called progressive donate to charity? Zero dollars. Already she has been caught falsifying her rental income on official documents and creating a glaring conflict of interest with a lobbying firm. It’s time for the Conflicts of Interest Board to open a case on Melissa Me First Viverito. Thomas Comiskey

Brooklyn: How disappointing that Mayor de Blasio is considering allowing religious worship services in our public schools (“Schools boss mum now on prayer issue,” April 8). Although these services would not take place during the school week, the schools would be perceived by their children to be endorsing a particular religion. This is clearly a violation of the separation of church and state. On or off duty, EMTs have an obligation to provide care when an emergency occurs literally in front of their faces. The reason that the dying woman didn’t call 911 is beyond callous and disgusting. What has happened to our political class that they would use such obviously idiotic tactics to duck compensating these poor families? Where is the sense of duty and honor, of justice? Stephanie Liaci

Rockaway Park: Is it possible the “old man” who got “beat up” by the police for jaywalking was resisting arrest and escalated the situation (“Jaybalking,” April 17)? Now he’s suing for $5 million. Really? He’s playing us for fools. Philip McManus

Brooklyn: As a straphanger, I don’t like every subway performer (“Punch broody in nab,” April 17). But I’m glad they are down there, making us smile and forget how filthy or stinky it is and even making us feel safer. If the NYPD is arresting clowns or puppeteers or musicians, that’s scandalous. Crime is still rampant around the city, and this is its priority? What happened, not enough pot smokers to bust all of a sudden? If it were about law enforcement, they’d arrest all the jaywalkers. Bill Bratton, is your goal to make all of NYC despise you? And Mayor de Blasio, what happened to your promise to make NYC culture friendly again, after 20 years of Rudy and Mike’s war on art and music? Uchena Shorey

Whitestone: Voicer Dorothy Glover is entitled to her opinion, but many of us believe her opinion about Jesus dying on the cross for our so called sinfulness is a bunch of malarkey. There is no proof that Jesus was the son of your God, nor that there is a God. Your personality, ideas, opinions, feelings and thoughts die when the brain dies. Show me proof to the contrary. Jan Finney

Ozone Park: While I applaud the recent and aggressive efforts of Queens Borough President Melinda Katz to remove Queens Library CEO Thomas Galante, I am puzzled why he is allowed to keep his abused position. As I understand it, there was one board member whose vote was not recorded because of a no show, yet Galante is still keeping his post and salary. Why wasn’t the final vote rescheduled so that all parties would be able to weigh in fairly and completely? Richard C. Iritano

Astoria: Thank you, thank you, Daily News, for the World’s Fair special section (“World’s Flair: 50 years later,” April 17). It was fun to see many subway passengers reading it on my commute into town from Queens this morning. Even more thanks for your continuous coverage of the plight of the New York State Pavilion. This relic of city history must be preserved and celebrated. If that can be done for an abandoned elevated rail line in Manhattan, it certainly can be done for an icon of New York and World’s Fair history. Luke T. Peterson

Quakertown, Pa.: The roadways around where I live remind me of the lunar surface. Most of the potholes are near the center of each road. For the past few years, road crews have cut grooves into the center line so as to make a loud noise if your car drifts over it. Doing that has we fake rolex akened the roads, and this winter was all that was needed to force the slits open and make holes. Scott McGarvey

Manhattan: If it is true that only 10% (50 out of 500) of Long Island College Hospital’s beds are in use, presumably that means the hospital is exponentially overstaffed. I have a solution for what to do with those empty beds: Let the homeless use them. Robert Sieger

Bronx: Kudos to Voicer Dennis Coyle for speaking out about naming a street after Officer Philip Cardillo. The community doesn’t seem to be afraid to open wounds when it’s racially or politically correct. Cardillo was a hero who died in service to the people of this city murdered in cold blood. Those who are unfamiliar with the case should read “Circle of Six” by Randy Jorgensen. You will be shocked to see the lack of fortitude in many of the city leaders of the time and to see how little has changed. Ross de Marco

Editor’s Picks Michael Sam and boyfriend party in Las Vegas Hours after Michael Sam made NFL history and then locked lips with his boyfriend, the couple partied the night away in Sin City. The mystery man was unmasked as Vito Cammisano, a 23 year old fellow University of Missouri alum, who starred on the school’s swim team.

Donald Sterling begs for forgiveness while slamming Magic Johnson Billionare bigot Donald Sterling is finally begging for forgiveness, saying he’s “entitled to one mistake” despite his long history of racial discrimination. But as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers groveled for a second chance in an interview excerpted on Sunday, he managed to once again insult one of the NBA’s all time great players, Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

Crosby hits Moore in groin, gets water sprayed in face by Henrik in scrum Sidney Crosby was never very well liked at Madison Square Garden, but after this latest series against the Rangers, he’ll likely never be invited to celebrity row.

Mighty Quinn: May 12 All of Rosedale was sadden by the death of Kim (Mack The Knife) McDaniels. Poor JR emailed: “MQ, my friend Harry went to Mack’s memorial service Saturday. Here’s what he had to say about it. PJR.”

Conflicts of interest brewing at charter schools In July, the board of trustees at the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls met after school shut down for the summer without informing parents and voted to hire a new business manager. The new manager was a member of the board, records show.

Yankees Insider: Tex can’t leg it out Mark Teixeira’s wrist hasn’t given him any trouble, evidenced by his six home runs in the past 12 games. His legs? That’s another story.

Nets: No fear of King It’s the old philosophy against LeBron James: Let him beat you from the outside. Since getting carved up in the paint in Game 1 by LeBron and Co., the Nets have limited Miami’s shots in the paint to 18 in Game 2 and 13 in Game 3. They’ve made a concerted effort to keep James away from the basket, and it’s hard to argue with the results in their Game 3 romp.

Lawrence: Pierce’s message scores with Brooklyn Paul Pierce doesn’t do math like the rest of us. He’s got the Nets playing in a Game 7 Monday night against the Heat, when everyone knows it’s really only Game 4 of the second round playoff series.

Mets Insider: Familia could get closer job The Mets may have found a closer, and he’s not an aging pitcher like Jose Valverde and Kyle Farnsworth. Following Sunday’s 5 4 win over the Phillies, Terry Collins said 24 year old Jeurys Familia was “close” to getting a shot in the ninth inning.

Men of Steal: Ellsbury, Young ride express trains into Subway Series Jacoby Ellsbury loves the feeling that everyone in the ballpark knows he’s going to try to steal and he swipes the base anyway. Eric Young Jr. says taking off from first puts him into a “zone out” state where he can’t hear anything until the umpire’s safe or out call.

Madden: Improbable comeback just the inspiration for Subway Series Bring on the Yankees! And while we’re at it, bring on Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom as well.

Isola: City thinking dynasty after latest title Maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as Manchester City’s Premier League title two years ago, but the feeling around the Etihad Stadium was the same as fans dressed in light blue stormed the field at the final whistle.