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Plastic bags and government overreach

Here comes another opportunity for the residents of Boulder to remind the city government that the answer to every problem is not simply more regulation. As has been done in several other cities around the country San Francisco, Palo Alto, and San Jose, Calif., and Westport, Conn. Boulder is considering banning (with a few exceptions) “single use” plastic bags and requiring retailers to charge customers for the use of paper bags.

Most of us would fake rolex agree that the rate of consumption of plastic bags is much higher than what is ideal, that many of them are improperly disposed of, and that most people could probably get by with using fewer of them. We may disagree, however, on what should be done about it.

Now someone who believes in freedom might suggest that individual businesses should have the right to decide if they think it fake rolex wise to provide plastic bags for their patrons to haul their purchases home in. Personal choice advocates probably think that shoppers can handle the responsibility of deciding whether to bring their own bag, ask for a plastic one, or use no bag at all.

However, bureaucrats who often fail to fully appreciate personal freedom will likely consider it the role of government to make such decisions for businesses, as well as customers, and to use the power of government to enforce the decision. Sadly, and too often, governments resort to force to try to bring about a desired change.

But if we conclude that its within the purview of a city government to dictate what a business can sell, or give to, a customer when it comes to plastic bags, then why does it make sense to stop at plastic bags? Why would it make sense that a business is allowed to sell a 12 pack of bottled water, in plastic bottles, but not be able to place that in a plastic bag? After all, the plastic content of the bag is a tiny fraction of the bottles, and we know that the bottles may also wind up as litter. Why wouldnt the city also ban the sale of plastic forks, spoons and plates? What about Styrofoam products?

A reasonable person might think that businesses are ju fake rolex st trying to provide a simple and economical solution to the problem of the consumers need to handle their purchases. A business owner may naively think that providing plastic bags is a convenience that the customer will appreciate. The patron may even assume a bag will be included in their purchase. But to some, apparently, such thinking is irresponsible and misguided, fake rolex and such choices and decisions must be taken away from the business and customer and placed in the hands of the government.

I dont think Im the only one who thinks this logic is potentially dangerous.

Seriously, what would stop the city council from outlawing other business activities that they deem harmful to the environment, or otherwise unhealthy? Are Happy Meals next?

Where will the councils mission to control peoples consuming choices end?

On the surface this issue is about plastic bags and pollution topics of great importance that need meaningful attention. But whats really at stake here is freedom and personal responsibility.