fake rolex Plastic bags an eco flash poin

Plastic bags an eco flash point

Re: Eco crusaders have little fake rolex use for facts, Issues Ideas, Feb. 28

fake rolex I wonder why vendors of just about anything from utilities to groceries always find it necessary to encourage conservation by charging mor fake rolex e if you fail to comply.

If the various vendors really are green oriented (green in the environmental sense rather than the money motive), I would suggest they continue to provide plastic bags free of charge and give customers who bring their own bags a small discount.

It would make more sense to reward the obedi fake rolex ent than to punish the bad.

As for utility companies, any wellrun company provides for future costs in its current operating expense, so that no sudden leap in charges is ever necessary. If management fails to grasp that concept, it is they who are badly in need of replacement, not the equipment.