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Plastic bags adversely affecting environment

Shopkeepers are making mockery of the ban imposed on use of plastic bags with civil society organisations raising voice against this violation that is adversely affecting the natural environment.

“Plastic bags are often used for 20 minutes on average but take up to 1,000 years to degrade. Plastic does not dissolve; it breaks into tiny pieces and stays there for up to 1,000 years, contaminating soil, waterways and entering the food web when eaten by animals,” said Saeed Rehman, a lecturer at a local college.

He said plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores and it seems that there exists an extremely wasteful fake rolex society and if people say no to plastic bags then they would be contributing towards preservation of the natural environment.

According to the data prepared by Mini fake rolex stry of Climate Change presently 55 million plastic bags are being produced per year in 8,000 units across the country and that there is no longer a need for installation of a different technology to make environment friendly bags, which can now be produced only by changing the chemical.

The ministry has already imposed a ban on production, sale and import of polythene bags within the limits of I fake rolex slamabad and fake rolex anyone found violating the restriction can be fined with up to one million rupees.

Saeed Rehman said plastic bags are lethal as the animals choke or get tangled in the plastic and die or they eat plastic, leading to internal infections, starvation and death.