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Kids and pit bulls adults should learn from them May 7, 2014Just saw an amazing video about kids and pit bulls. If you think thetwo don’t mix, take a look and listen to these kids. We adults really need to learn from the younger generation. They can teach us a great deal, especially about these magnificent gentle creatures. Check out the video and let yourself be []Debra AtlasSeeing Green in Singapore A Guide to Eco Living in the City State May 6, 2014Editors Note: The following is a guest post from Ruth Harrison fake rolex Roberts. If you’re someone who prefers to live life in an eco friendly way, you may be wondering how exactly you’ll manage it in Singapore. The city state is, after all, a very built up place, with a dense population, busy roads and high rise buildings dominating the skyline. []Debra Atlas8 foods for which the California drought will create consumer sticker shock May 5, 2014The drought isn’t lightening up, even with the increase in rainCalifornia has seen in the last several months. Living in northern California, I drive regularly past one of our best sources of water Lake Shasta. This year, water levels are seriously down, thoughit does look better than it did in February where the lake’s []Debra AtlasThe death of an elephant what they really fake rolex should be saying May 2, 2014This video is a spoof on the Antique Roadshow but it really brings the point home of what a piece of ivory really is. This must see video says it straight. You can’t argue or ignore the truth when it’s in your face. Here’s the kicker. Turns out that the Antique Roadshow regularly appraises ivory []Debra AtlasMonsanto named “Best Corporate Citizen”. Who’s voting and for how much? April 28, 2014For the 5th year in a row fake rolex , CR Magazine, whose focus is on corporate responsibility,has named Monsanto to it fake rolex s “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list for its corporate responsibility performance. “This recognition is a testament to the more than 22,000 Monsanto global employees who are working together with farmers and partners around the world to deliver [] [ Debra AtlasSeeing Green in Singapore A Guide to Eco Living in the City State on Sustainable Singapore balances building and Nature