fake rolex Plastic Bag Holder Patterns

Plastic Bag Holder Patterns

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysThe plastic bag holder fake rolex will reduce the space needed for storing them. The holder can be hung in an area where purchases are commonly removed from the bags. A bag holder can also be store fake rolex d in the area where you will reuse them frequently. The bags work well in small waste baskets and for cleaning or project refuse. If the bag holder is in a highly visible area, you will want to make a pattern for an attractive holder. A bag holder that is h fake rolex idden away in a closet or in the basement should be made to be functional more than attractive or artsy. You can use a basic pattern to style most of your plastic bags from.The pattern is a simple 12 by 27 inch rectangle. Pin the rectangle together on the wrong side and sew together on the length to create a tube. Ma fake rolex ke a 1/2 inch hem at each end. Sew either a drawstring or a 6 inch piece of elastic in the bottom end of the tube. Make a handle with a 12 to 15 inch long piece of cloth and sew it to the top. This can be a base for more elaborate and decorative holders.