Pistorius vomits on floor as images of Reeva are shown

As the state prosecutor asked for picture 162 to be displayed on the evidence rolex watches screens, the computer had to zip through more than 100 photographs of the scene at Oscar Pistorius house on Valentine Day to get there.One of the screens is just two feet or so in front of the face of the athlete in the witness box, and as a picture flashed of Reeva Steenkamp face in close up after death, the accused was instantly and loudly sick on the floor.On day nine of the Olympian trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, Col Giliam Schoombie van Rensburg, the first police officer to arrive at the apartment, guided the court through a long series of previously unpublished photographs, showing in great detail the scene at the athlete home.”The body was covered with towels a rolex watches nd black bags and there was blood which could be seen there,” he said.”In the kitchen, there stood the accused, a white male who was made known to me as Oscar Pistorius,” Col van Rensburg said. “He was very emotional at that stage and rolex watches then I asked him what happened. He didn answer. He was in tears.”Earli rolex watches er the court heard more from Johannes Vermuelen, who carried out the analysis of the cricket bat marks on the toilet door. Mr Pistorius claims he struck it with his cricket bat after putting on his prosthetic legs, but Lt Col Vermuelen insists the marks are too low down.

Pistorius vomits after graphic scene photos shown

Prosecutors in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial showed a sequence of photos show rolex watches ing the blood stains and blood spatter found on the floors, walls, stairs, and chairs in the athlete’s house after he fatally shot his girlfriend.

Close up photographs of Reeva Steenkamp’s face and body prompted gasps from the court and Pistorius to burst into tears and vomit as he sat in the dock.

In one photograph displayed on TV monitors in the courtroom, spots of blood were seen next to some of the double amputee Olympian and multiple Paralympic champion’s golden trophies. The TV screen next to Pistorius who at times held his head in his hands was switched off during the display.

The images were described to the court by GS van Rensburg, a former police colonel who testified as one of the two officers first on the scene after Pistorius killed Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year by shooting her through a closed toilet door in his home.

During his testimony, photographs of Steen kamp’s face and body were shown accidentally to the court, upsetting Pistorius, who vomited into a bucket for the second time since the start of the trial, now in its second week.

Pistorius, 27, has said that he shot 29 year old Steenkamp by mistake, fearing there was a dangerous intruder in the house. The prosecution says he intentionally killed her after an argument.

Van Rensburg described how, on arriving at Pistorius’ house, he saw Steenkamp’s body covered in towels and plastic bags that the daughter of the estate administrator said she had used, with assistance from Pistorius, to try and stop the bleeding.

A tearful Pistorius was pacing in the kitchen, van Rensburg said. The policeman said he asked the athlete what had happened, but he did not answer. Van Rensburg said he asked Pistorius to stay in one a rolex watches rea of the kitchen, which he did.

Police investigator Hil ton Botha also arrived at the home, where blood stains were visible in many areas, according to van Rensburg.

“We then followed the trail of blood up the stairs,” van Rensburg said as chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel led him slowly through the sequence of events that night.

Earlier, a photograph of Pistorius’ blood stained prosthetic legs rolex watches was used by his chief defence lawyer t rolex watches o attempt to show that the athlete was wearing them, as he says, when he broke down a toilet door with a cricket bat to get to the girlfriend he fatally shot.

The image, showing the prosthetic limbs with white socks and stained with Steenkamp’s blood up to the knee, was displayed by lawyer Barry Roux on a TV monitor.

Roux was trying to reinforce the Olympian’s story that he shot the model by mistake and then desperately broke through a locked toilet door to help her.

The prosecution has attempted to cast doubt on parts of Pistorius’ story, including, specifically, that he was wearing his legs when he broke through the toilet door with his bat.

Pistorius trial

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We’re now onto only the third day of the Oscar Pistorius trial.

Defence lawyer Barry Roux tried ripping holes into first witness Michelle Burger’s testimony but it seemed as if the Pretoria lecturer was quite strong (though she did break down a bit later).

The State brought up a second witness, also a neighbour of the Paralympian’s, who testified to being kept awake in the early hours of Valentine’s Day last year by a fight at a another house.

Burger’s husband, Charl Johnson is now on the witness stand.

12:03 Court adjourned until 14:00.

12:02 Court adjourns. Mapisa asks to see counsel in chambers.

12:01 Nel finished with witness. Roux says jokingly “I don’t know if I want to cross examine a boxer.” Roux asks for recess.

11:59 Bill paid, “I never spoke about it again,” says Lerena. Then heard stories after Reeva’s shooting that OP had shot him in the leg during Tasha’s incident. Corrected stories saying he wasn’t injured.

11:58 OP apologised profusely and asking if everyone was OK. OP asked Darren to “say it was you”. Darren said it was him. OP said there was too much media attention around him.

11:57 Not in rolex watches jured, but toe grazed, says Lerena. I was in shock, he says.

11:57 Shot went off the in restaurant, then there was complete silence.

11:55 Friend called Darren Fresco passed gu rolex watches n under the restaurant table. Darren said “I’m one up, there rolex watches ‘s a bullet in the chamber.” rolex watches Lerena saw movements, didn’t see the gun.

11:54 Lerena pointing out who was sitting where. OP was helping Lerena with a diet plan when they met at Tasha’s.

11:52 Pictures of Tasha’s being shown on the screen. Pictures from the interior with an arrow show where the men were seated. The photos show how close the tables are next to each other

11:49 Now onto day of the Tasha’s shooting. Lerena says he was in a group of friends, one of whom was OP.

11:49 Lerena sees OP as an “icon and legend in sport”. OP helped Lerena with a diet.

11:47 Met OP through his sponsor Daytona Group. Lerena met Oscar at a track day at Kyalami Race Track. A friend was racing that day. Lerena doesn’t object to image being shown.

11:46 Lerena is a professional boxer. He knows OP.

11:45 Nel says plans will be made to access the notes (Johnson and Burger’s) which will be made available to the defence.

11:44 Kevin Lerena called to the stand. He was in Tasha’s when Oscar let gun off under the table.

11:43 Court resumes. Johnson excused for now. Another witness will be brought up.

11:38 Mokonyane: Trial raises issues of violence against women and male domination. We must remember a woman was killed. It’s not clear whats going on, tweets Barry Bateman.

11:29 Johnson and legal counsel are all back.

11:28 A cricket bat, in a plastic evidence bag, has been brought into court.

11:05 Forget Oscar Pistorius what’s really on trial here is misogyny, writes Zoe Williams in the UK’s Guardian.