Pitiful plight of ponies bought as

Thousands of horses are being left to starve as uncaring owners abandon them on verges and wasteground in what animal charities are warning is set to become a major animal cruelty crisis.

Many have been dumped by middle class families who bought them cheaply as pets, only to be hit by the soaring cost of feeding and caring for them.

The RSPCA which is helping four horses a day will tomorrow reveal that it has seen a 69 per cent increase in equine rescues across England, up from 901 in 2012 to 1,526 last year.

The most horrifying cases include a foal that was tied up in a bag and abandoned on an industrial estate in East London, and a pony, too weak to stand, left by the side of a nearby busy road.

One group of eight ponies was even released at Cardiff Airport.

An RSPCA spokesman said: ‘You’re looking at people who thought they could afford livery or rented fields but have discovered they can’t in the economic crisis.

‘Feed costs keep going up so they turn the horse out to fly graze. We believe there are certainly cases where parents bought ponies which their children have outgrown.

‘If the pony has little value, they may not know what to do with it. So they just leave it on a piece of open ground.’

Chief Inspector Cathy Hyde, co ordinator of the charity’s National Equine Inspectorate, added: ‘You can now buy a pony for 5. People who once could never have afforded one now can but they soon discover they can’t afford to keep them.

‘With prices collapsing, there’s no incentive to send them to auction. They can’t afford to get these animals g rolex watches elded so they just dump them on land where they breed.

‘Fly grazing has always been a problem in some areas but it’s increased dramatically across the UK. This is a major crisis. Where in the past you might have seen a few horses, now you’ll see 20 or 30.’

Thousands of ill or under nourished horses have been left to roam free because equine charities are unable to trace their owners or provide enough places at sanctuaries.

Only in extreme cases of suffering are the animals put down.

The RSPCA figures include all rescued horses, not just those set loose and abandoned. But the sharp rise ref rolex watches lects studies by other leading equine welfare groups.

World Horse Welfare said it estimates rolex watches that 3,500 fly grazed horses across England and Wales are suffering neglect.

It sets the total number of places available in the country’s equine charity rescue centres at just 2,800 and nearly all have already gone. Meanwhile, charity Redwings has warned that the number of neglected or abandoned animals reported to its helpline has risen fivefold, from 160 in 2009 to 806 last year.

Among the worst fly grazing hotspots are Gravesend in Kent, the Avon Estuary near Bristol, suburbs around Manchester and Hull, and parts of South Wales.

And it revealed the problem is set to worsen as tougher laws in Wales encourage unscrupulous owners to dump their animals in England.

Chief Inspector Hyde said: ‘This is fantastic for Wales but it is just going to export the problem to England. We know that owners and dealers, particularly in the traveller community, already move large groups of horses around the country to find new sites.’

The Control of Horses (Wales) Act, which came into force last week, gives councils the rig rolex watches ht to seize, impound, rehome or, as a last resort, humanely destroy horses grazing on land without consent.

Because most fly grazed horses cannot be traced to an owner, councils can take action only after a minimum two week investigation.

Although they can then confiscate the animals, the only option is to microchip them making them ‘legal’ and sell them at auction.

A spokesman for World Horse Welfare said: ‘Far too often these horses will simply be bought back by the dealer who gets a horse whose value has increased with the microchip. And the problem will be perpetuated.’

A spokesman for Redwings said: ‘Unless England takes action as well, it is possible the 2,000 or more horses being fly grazed in Wales will simply be moved over the border into England.’

The charity’s chief executive, Lynn Cutress, added: ‘We have seen first hand the devastating effects of the increase in abandonment of horses, from large groups roaming on to playgrounds, airports, nature reserves, housing estates and farmland, to tiny foals left to fend for themselves, and even one that was deliberately thrown into a river and left to die.

‘It doesn’t just affect the horse community. It has a severe impact on all areas of society.’

It’s disgusting how grown adults can dump responsibility like this. And more than likely doing it in front of their kids too so they will learn their useless ways. I’m sick to death of going on Facebook/news and seeing so much animal abuse. Its horrific. I don’t care if you cannot afford to look after an animal just because you “didn’t realise” how much an animal can cost doesn’t mean you should just dump it. there are heaps of charities out there or at least if you must have it humanely euthanised.

The government needs to address the fact that inexperienced “people” can buy such a large animal. And then breed and breed away adding to the problem. The horsemeat scandal has masked a lot of this for a long time. Only now the true picture is emerging. Most humans are vile!!!!

Pitcher perfect When serving drinks for those summer get

Summer tim rolex watches e and the living can be even easier with pitcher cocktails.

Whether mixing up a rolex watches batch of margaritas for friends in the backyard or ordering a round of mai tais for the table, pitchers are a good way to rethink drinks for a crowd. So he ordered a Kold Draft ice cube machine capable of making big, dense cubes that keep drinks cold without diluting them.

It’s also efficient. With the cubes and a really big shaker, “it takes just about as long to make one drink as it does to make five,” he points out.

At Philadelphia’s Square 1682 restaurant, one night a week is dedicated to tiki cocktails and they’ve introduced a new tiki pitcher cocktail: Kama’aina Punch.

The drink blends gin, triple sec, fresh lemon juice, coconut syrup, pineapple juice and black cherry puree and can be given a little extra sparkle with the addition of prosecco.

“Everyone loves a pitcher,” says Anna Schneider, general manager. “It’s social, fun, basically happy hour in a bowl.”

Young Lee of the Yellowtail Japanes rolex watches e Restaurant and Lounge in Las Vegas makes a refreshing cucumber cooler with vodka, fresh lemon sour, white cranberry juice, simple syrup and cucumber puree.

Want to mix up your own jug of good cheer? We have some suggestions.

Two classic summer cocktails mojitos and margaritas inspired this pitcher cocktail. The lime zest ensures intense flavor to contrast the mint.

1 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves

1/2 cup water

Zest of 4 limes

3/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice

2 tablespoons agave nectar

3/4 cup triple sec

2 cups blanco or silver tequila

Sliced limes, to garnish

Flaked sea salt, to serve

In a blender, combine the mint leaves, water, lime zest, lime juice and agave nectar. Blend on high until the mint is very finely chopped. Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a pitcher. Discard the solids. Stir in the triple sec and tequila, then chill.

rolex watches To serve, moisten the rim of cocktail glasses with a piece of lime. Dip the rims in the salt. Add ice to the glasses and pour the margaritas. Garnish with slices of lime. (Recipe by Alison Ladman)

Sangria is a fruit infused wine punch. Though often made with red wine, this white wine version is a delicious accompaniment to summer grilling.

Pitch in by picking up trash while out walking

Do you rolex watches ever look at the trash thrown out of cars and wonder what kind of slob would do that? You get an idea when you pick up the trash as my wife Susan and I do on daily walks.

The slobs drink cheap beer. Bud Light accounts for about 70% of the beer cans, and Budweiser most rolex watches of the rest. I wonder if we’d be better off lowering the deposit on beer and pop to 5 cents and extending the deposit to every bottled drink that comes in a container smaller than a liter.

Although only 25% of Americans are smok rolex watches ers, we see so many cigarette packs that the percentage of smokers among highway slobs obviously is much higher.

I suspect if you talked to the people who dump the trash they’d say they love the outdoors. But no one who cares for the environment could make a mess like that.

I’d encourage those who care to help clean up, because we’re never going to change the slobs. They aren’t the kind of people who respond to reason.

So if you drive to see fall color or hike through the woods, carry an empty grocery bag. You won’t be able to pick up everything, but even a little bit helps.

Last year, I started carrying a plastic grocery bag on walks. Soon I carried two bags, because we’d often fill one in the first mile.

At first we tried picking up everything. But there was so much that we soon limited it to thicker plastics, Styrofoam and metals, because we learned that thin paper and plastics disappear pretty quickly when exposed to sunshine and rain.

You might ask why the people who run McDonald’s and Burger King don’t do more to minimize their impact. I suspect there are wrapper materials that would biodegrade faster and more completely than those they use.

We find odd socks along the roadside. You never find two, not even when you look for the mate, one of the mysteries of roadside cleanup. When we find one, it reminds me of my late father, who had a collection of single socks and swore my mother had to have a one legged lover living in the attic.

Occasionally, we get a bonus. This morning, I found a high quality rubber bungee that went into my pocket. So far this summer I’ve found a dozen bungees that still have life.

We used to stuff all the junk into our trash cans at home, but then I decided to sort out the beer and soft drink cans and bottles.

We average about two returnable cans and bottles per walk, and I’ll use the dep rolex watches osit money to buy myself some beer.