PING Golf checks in on Ottawa

PING Golf brought a few of its heavy hitters to Ottawa Tuesday, making a couple of stops, including the Kevin Haime Golf Centre.

By heavy hitters, we don mean any of the numerous professionals that use the product; it was a few of the company bright minds, including chairman and CEO John Solheim and his son David, who checked out of Ottawa early Wednesday.

The idea was to visit with distributors and fitters in a couple of Canadian markets outside of the Toronto area, with PING offices in Oakville. Haime driving range and golf centre was perfect, given his commitment to club fitting and the junior golf program he has initiated.

Sitting in the top three of four major categories woods, irons, putters and golf bags is a huge feather in PING cap, largely owing to the Solheim family commitment and vision. Its and series of irons and clubs and Anser putters are among the top sellers in the business. Lee Westwood, Hunter Mahan and Bubba Watson are among the top PGA players who compete with PING clubs.

While other major companies such as Nike and adidas TaylorMa rolex watches de keep ratcheting it up, feisty PING isn backing down.

a lot of fun. We bug the heck out of them because we keep on coming, said John Solheim. lot of years ago, TaylorMade decided it couldn get any more out of its driver, so they sat there and got left behind. We don quit . ever. And we don do something just for the hype.

be things like rolex watches how do you get a gram here or half a gram there off the face. whose sons Andrew and John are also involved, took over the family business in 1995 from his father, Karsten, a legendary golf innovator who changed the thought process in putter designs, moving the weight around.

Said John: golf pro told him: you can build a putter like (the one Solheim had created and was using), and it rolls the ball, too . you sell a million. pro slightly underestimated . Solheim innovations became industry standards . and sold many millions.

Getting out into locations like Haime golf centre is a good thing.

nice to have someone who tells us when rolex watches we doing OK and also when we not doing OK, said PING Canada GM Dave Wilson, who also spoke glowingly of Haime kids program.

Wilson said while PING wants to be a leader, it welcomes competition.

idea of exclusive doesn fit well in the golf business, he said. all about choices. There are a lot of good companies out there. We blaze our own rolex watches trails. the company with a sharp mind for innovating always has the wheels turning.

ping golf cart bag Articles

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Ping G20 Irons or TaylorMade R11S Driver

It is always a wish of a golf player to have the most advanced golf bag available or the most stylish one. On the other hand like a lucky bat of a cricket some golf players consider their clubs the lucky clubs and never try to change them or replace them with the better ones. Even if they have to change them due to some necessary reason it is very difficult for them to do so. But ultimately the launch of new golf clubs and gadgets always raise the heart beats of every golf player and they want to put their hands on them as soon as possible. Just like that theTaylorMade R11S Driverand thePing G20 Ironsare the new craze of the players.

The golf bag is the most important possession of a golfer and a golf bag contains approximately 14 golf clubs in which there are 3 0r 4 woods including driver, about 9 irons which are varying in their sizes and about 4 wedges along with one putter. The woods are the most ancient clubs in golf as they go way back to the origin of the golf. The golf when introduced in Scotland was first played by the branches of trees used as clubs. Then they were shaped into clubs.

The woods now used are made up of iron or steel but they are still called the woods. The wood club which is largest is size is known as the driver and it is the biggest and the fastest club placed inside the golf bag. It is used to hit the shots to a long distance or for a higher trajectory. The woods varying in sizes are due to the various distances from which the ball has to be played. Then there are about 9 irons which are for playing the ball from short distances or edgy places.

The shaft of iron clubs ar rolex watches e short and they are flat faced their heads become smaller and shallower. The last iron was replaced and named as a putter which is one in the bag and s used to throw ball in the cup from a very short distance. The wedges are also 3 to 4 in a bag. Pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and ultra lob wedge are the type of wedges. They are used to hit from a very short distance and from short cut grass, sandy areas or any other complicated region. They are like iron only their loft is much higher than any normal iron. There are chippers in the golf bags. Only one chipper is present in one bag for very low swings only enough to lift the ball to the green field.

Although the TaylorMade Golf has introduced the hybrids to replace irons and woods. The golf bag becomes very heavy with 9 irons and 4 woods. The hybrids also known as rescues are combination of woods and irons in design. However rolex watches handling a rescue is a very technical mechanism which will take time to be mastered by the players that is why the golf players still carry irons and woods in their bags but they have started rolex watches to practice with hybrids at a very large scale. All these clubs join to complete a golf bag which is rolex watches always ready for new techniques and modifications.