Pittsfield to address clear trash bag issue

PITTSFIELD Pittsfield town councilors have set a public hear rolex watches ing for next week to allow residents to comment on a the town trash policy. At issue is the requirement that all trash be placed in clear bags or be visible by rubbish haulers and transfer station attendants.

The policy was adopted to allow enforcement of Pittsfield mandatory recycling program. Town officials have said for the past year that residents are not complying with the program and that seeing the trash was the only enforcement tool available.

Once the policy was put into effect, however, two residents circulated a petition to repeal the requirement. Joseph Getchell and Donald Hallenbeck maintain that the use of clear bags is a violation of privacy. Tuesday, Aug. 6, in the council chambers of the municipal building.

Since the petition was submitted three weeks ago, Town Manager Kathryn Ruth said the community been dead silent on the issue. Since the requirement was adopted, there has not been one call, one reque rolex watches st or one complaint, she said.

At least three local stores have started carrying clear plastic bags, and transfer station director Don Chute said many residents are usin rolex watches g the clear bags.

about one half clear and one half black bags, Chute said Tuesday. He said most residents were pleased with the new program and many are just using up black bags they already had on hand. hearing many more positive than negative comments, Chute said.

One problem, he said, is that a number of misconceptions are being spread around as fact. For example, some people think number two plastics are not being recycled. They are, Chute believes.

rumor is that you have to sort all paper by color, he said. is not true. You can put all mixed paper right in with the newsprint. biggest misconception, said Chute, is that the recycling program is costing money and the town could save money by just throwing the recyclables away.

Pittsfield is in a unique situation, said Chute, because the town is not part of a marketing cooperative as are many other municipalities. Therefore, Chute can act as his own broker. freelance, he said. going on line and contacting 35 to 40 brokers for a single product, I can pretty much get the price I want. If I don it doesn get shipped. has storage space to hold recyclables while waiting for a good price. we can break even, we don sell, he said.

Once the petition was accepted by the town council two weeks ago, certain legal steps had to be followed. Ruth explained that the first thing that happened was the immediate suspension of the requirement questioned by the petitioners.

Unfortunately, she said, the suspension blocked any assessment by town officials to see how well the mandatory program was working. really a shame that we didn get to see how well this would work, Ruth said.

Although trash will be accepted in dark or closed containers until a final vote on the issue, Ruth said town officials are still encouraging the use of clear plastic bags.

advantage is that residents can really see and become aware of what they are throwing away, said Ruth. is one of the reasons clear bags are used across the country and Maine. the council accepted the petition, the public hearing was scheduled. Fol rolex watches lowing that hearing, Ruth said the council can either leave the clear or visible requirement as is or delete it. If the council votes to retain the visible status, the issue is required to be set to referendum.

Ruth said that vote can be set anywhere from 30 days to a year following the council action. we will want the largest turnout of voters, but would not second guess the council and say whether the vote will coincide with November elections, she said.

Pittsfield Berkshire Evening Eagle

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