Pilot Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Spatial Plan

Section 11. Crosscutting or overarching marine planning policies This section of the Consultation Questionnaire seeks your views on the proposed policy options set out in Section 11 of the Planning Issues and Options Paper. Please indicate in the proposed policy option response boxes below which proposed policy you are commenting on and provide any comments on the preferred option and/or alternative approach, as appropriate. not just for revenue purposes and why there are not other better locations

AP263: The Sustainable Development policy section will be drafted to ensure the economic benefits of existing economic activity, added value and new development proposals are assessed. Consideration will also be given to developing a policy to assess economic impacts.

Policy 3c: As long as bio diversity does not means upsetting the natural balance by allow rolex watches for sale ing new species to develop or existing species to dominate compare to pre exploitation.

These issues relating to biodiversity are addressed in the proposed natural heritage policies including the non native species policy, nature conservation designations and the wider biodiversity and geodiversity, as well as the Environmental Report and the Habitats Regulations Assessment.

Alternative: May need to have staged development with monitoring over sufficient period.

Monitoring will be add rolex watches for sale ressed in the monitoring section of the Draft Plan.

No comments.5General (cross cutting and sectoral policies)

We consider the policy topics identified to be appropriate to this Plan, but would have welcomed further development of additional and more detailed policy options. Commercial Fisheries) the alternatives suggested for presentation of spatial information do not appear to be real alternatives.

Agreed the alternative set out for Commercial fisheries is not a clear alternative. The responses to this consultation will inform the selection and development of an appropriate policy for Commercial Fisheries.

Within the Plan, two way cross referencing between policies (both across and within overarching and sectoral policies) as well as reference to the guiding principles will be important to ensuring its overall coherence. A summary schematic in the Plan introduction could be helpful to assisting users to identify policies of key relevance to their particular interests.

AP264: Amendments will be made to the individual matrix topics and these will be represented in the appropriate sections but the whole matrix will not be reproduced. As man rolex watches for sale y interactions can have both positive and negative effects, these effects will not be weighted but the key issues will be discussed in the supporting text.

We feel that the proposed range of crosscutting policy areas is appropriate to this marine plan, but suggest that Marine Safety (which is currently included rolex watches for sale in sectoral policy 13) might be considered an overarching policy area. We would also suggest that dredging be moved from sectoral policy 16 (Marine Aggregates) to sectoral policy 14 (Ports and harbours) as the main dredging activity is capital and maintenance dredging, and associated dredge spoil disposal, associated with ports and harbours. Dredging for any future aggregate extraction would by definition be about permanent removal of material from the seabed/intertidal zone. The Plan should also be cross referenced to relevant policies in Orkney and Highland LDPs with respect to commercial extraction of sand.

AP265: Consideration of Marine Safety issues will be developed in the marine transport policy section.

Pilot Paul’s Luggage Checklist

Airline crewmembers are very hard on their luggage and won’t tolerate junky luggage that won’t perform well over a long period of time.

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The best value in luggage is good quality, well built, highly functional luggage that is backed up with a strong waranty. You’ll achieve the best value if something serves you well for a long period of time. That way your cost per use will be low.

I’ve carefully inspected many designer bags rolex watches for sale offered in the boutique designer logo shops. Often these bags have the quality and features of the cheap ones in the discount stores. Their only value is the “perceived value” of the designer logo.

I’ve been shocked to find the prices of these bags well over $1000 while they are inferior in quality, duraility, and features of many suitcases costing around $200 $300.

There are only a few brands that I specifically recommend. More on that in a moment.

The foll rolex watches for sale owing “checklist” for choosing your luggage should help you make a good purchase decision.

Pilot Paul’s Luggage Buying Checklist:

Wheels. These are essential. Think about how much walking with your bags is involved in any trip. It is best to have at least one bag in your ensemble with wheels. The ideal situation is to arrange things so with one wheeled bag acting as a cart, you can be completely mobile with your entire luggage. This will save you lots of time waiting for porters and bellmen, plus tip money.

I highly recommend larger, rubberized wheels with ball bearings similar to the ones on inline skates. These make a noticeable difference when pulling a loaded bag. They give the best performance and longevity.

Recessed wheels are less likely to be damaged. Often, while doing aircraft exterior inspections, I’ll find suitcase wheels that have been broken off in the loading/unloading process.

Handle. Make sure that it is long enough. If it’s too short, you’ll be leaning sideways while walking.

Make sure that the handle locks down so it won’t be damaged if you check your bag.

One thing that leads to handle failures on many bags is lifting a loaded bag by the pull handle. Your bag will last longer if you lift it by the smaller grip handles.

For larger bags, two grip handles make it much easier to hoist, lift, and carry your bag. Think of getting the bag out of a trunk of up into an overhead bin.

Outer Shell. There are three different types: soft sided, hard sided, and in between, semi soft sided. Consider your needs.

Soft sided are the most lightweight and expandable. They make the best carry ons, but your bag’s contents are most vulnerable to damage. rolex watches for sale Think about what you’ll pack in one, especially if you plan to check your bag.

Hard sided bags are the best for protecting your stuff, but these bags tend to be heavier. They also don’t give or compress if you’re trying to stuff them in a tight place, like the trunk of a car or an overhead bin.

Semi soft combines the benefits of the other two. These are what I like best. They are partially framed and have expandable tops and bottoms. They weigh less than hard sided ones, but still protect well.

Material. For soft and semi soft luggage, nylon or ballistic nylon is stronger than polyester. Look for a tight and dense weave. If denier is mentioned, it refers to the thickness of the fiber. High denier means thick fiber.

Zippers. Metal ones aren’t good. The newer, synthetic zippers made of coils can actually self repair when the slide is moved over the teeth.

Self repairing zippers is one thing that separates the well made luggage from the rest.

Since people tend to over stuff their suitcases (especially if they did some extra shopping), the zipper takes the strain of trying to close and hold the suitcase together.

These self repairing zippers will do that job better than any others will. A standard zipper can fail under that strain. If your suitcase zipper breaks as you are finishing packing and hurrying to catch a plane, you suddenly have a big problem.

There you are, it’s time to go and your suitcase zipper is broken. Everything is falling out and you don’t have the time or capability to fix or replace it.

Whatever you buy, make sure that it has a large, self repairing zipper.

Hooks. Many rolling bags have a hook to carry an additional bag. These are wonderful. With these, you can often easily carry two extra bags one on the hook and one over the extended handle. The bag on the hook tends to counter balance everything making the downward load on the handle lighter.

Tip some hooks are stronger than others are. The most strain on your luggage hook comes when you have a heavy bag attached and you are on an escalator. The hooked bag is unsupported. If this is an issue, look for the elevator.

Other Nice Features. Many pockets inside and out are useful. Many bags have some plastic lined pockets. These are great for wet items like swimsuits or workout clothes. If you are getting a bag that will be outside like a backpack, rain flaps over the zippers help keep the contents dry when it’s raining.

pilot found with gun in bag in Calgary

on Friday, and immediately notified Calgary police. The firearm was confirmed to be a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 calibre handgun, according to court documents.

“SkyWest’s top priority is the safety and security of our passengers and employees. This includes following all federal regulations and SkyWest policies that prohibit transport of personal firearms on board aircraft,” Snow said in an emailed statement.

Snow s rolex watches for sale aid the man was one of the crew members on a flight departing from Calgary on Friday, but could not specify which carrier he was flying with and where he was heading. The airline lists a number of network carriers it partners with, including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. “We are investigating his trip history right now,” Snow said in a phone interview. official who did not want to be named, said the accused pilot was not part of the federal flight deck officer program, which allows certain trained flight crew members to be armed. and was created following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, allows eligible flight crew members to use firearms “to defend against an act of criminal violence or air piracy rolex watches for sale at rolex watches for sale tempting to gain control of an aircraft.”

The TSA says these federal flight deck officers may be pilots, flight engineers, or navigators assigned to the flight, and are trained by the Federal Air Marshal Service. White was also charged under the Customs Act with failing to declare a prohibited firearm to the Canada Border Services Agency upon his entry into Canada on Thursday.

Upon learning that he was allegedly trying to clear security with a loaded firearm, officers with CBSA crimin rolex watches for sale al investigations subsequently charged White with smuggling under the Customs Act and importation of a prohibited firearm under the Criminal Code.