Piloting A Failing Business Model and Brand Experience

Backstory: American Airlines has created a new secondary market for its coach class seats; “Express Seats,” is now merchandising tiers of front, second, maybe third, and bulkhead seats at a premium. Priced between $19 and $39, and depending on length of flight, Express Seat consumers also board as Group 1 designators. An platform encourages come, first serve mentality. Another airline fee that the category might adopt.

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Culture Cut: We take flying for granted as a modern society today. The Wright Brothers didn They created aviation for human consumption emotional consumption, not necessarily solving the proble rolex watches for sale m of getting “from A t rolex watches for sale o B faster.” They weren going anywhere And the Jet Age could arguably be considered a primary accelerant of instant cons rolex watches for sale umerism behavior that has conditioned the American consumer to want everything now. airline flights to point B. GDP. If this critical industry is so vital, why doesn the business or brand model work anymore? We were taught that deregulation would increase competition. It didn it just gave the flying consumer a larger set of inferior brands. Nice. airline industry was deregulated in 1978, essentially lowering the barriers to entry to anyone who had money and a tolerance for risk. There are at least 20 US airline brands; since 2002 twelve commercial airlines filed for bankruptcy. American Airlines (AMR) has the distinction of being the best of th rolex watches for sale e worst. Low cost airline travel and OTA (online travel agents) have made flying more accessible, technology has created new revenue models, and brands have found innovative methods to design and create experiences that should exist but don

Pilot’s political views under scrutiny

Police are investigating whether the political beliefs of the pilot of Flight MH370 could be a factor in the Malaysia Airline jet’s disappearance, a British newspaper reports.

The Mail on Sunday says Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was an ‘obsessive’ supporter of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and the pilot may have attend rolex rolex watches for sale watches for sale ed his latest trial just hours before taking charge of the missing Boeing 777.

A Court of Appeals panel on March 7 ruled in favour of the government’s bid to overturn Anwar’s 2012 acquittal on charges he sodomised a male former aide.

The 66 year old was sentenced to five years jail but was freed pending appeal. He has alleged a long running campaign by the ruling regime to destroy his political career with false charges.

Police sources fear the court decision left Captain Zaharie profoundly upset, the Mail on Sunday reports.

‘Colleagues made it clear to us that he was someone who held strong political beliefs and was strident in his support for Anwar Ibrahim,’ an investigation source said according to the UK tabloid.

‘We were told by one colleague he was obsessed with politics.’

Colleagues said Zaharie, 53, planned to attend the court case on March 7 but investigators are yet to confirm if he was actually there.

‘We are looking into the theory that Zaharie’s political beliefs may be a factor,’ a source told the Mail on Sunday.

‘There are huge sensitivities surrounding this but we cannot afford not to pursue any angle brought to our attention.’

The newspaper says investigators spent much of last week examining two laptops removed from the pilot’s home. One is believed to contain data from a flight simulator he assembled himself.

The first officer on Flight MH370, Fariq Abdul Hamid, also came under media scrutiny last week.

The Nine Network broadcast an interview with a young South African woman who said the 27 rolex watches for sale year old and another pilot invited them into the cockpit of a flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur in 2011.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Sunday Telegraph reports that an al Qaeda supergrass told a New York court last week that four to five Malaysian men had been planning to take control of a plane using a bomb hidden in a shoe to blow open rolex watches for sale the cockpit door.

Convicted British terrorist Saajid Badat reportedly said the Malaysian jihadists, including a pilot, were ‘ready to perform an act’.

Confirmation Flight MH370 was deliberately diverted has sharpened scrutiny of the cockpit crew and passengers.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Saturday said satellite and radar data clearly indicated the plane’s automated communications were disabled and it turned away from its intended path and flew on for hours.

Pilot project stretches dollars for Windsor school nutrition programs

The VON held an event Friday, May 31, 2013, in Windsor, Ont. to celebrate the successful wrapup of a pilot program that delivered healthy snacks to over 110 classrooms across Windsor and Essex County over the last three months. Stephanie Segave, regional manager for the VON’s student nutrition program and chef Robert Catherine, culinary instructor with the Unemployed Help Centre’s Ple rolex watches for sale ntiful Harvest program pose with some of the fresh local produce used for the program. The chef and his students prepared the assortment of healthy snacks for the students.(DAN JANISSE/The Windsor Star)It costs just four cents per spinach muffin, when you search out ingredients in bulk rolex watches for sale from local farmers and wholesalers and have high school co op students bake them, 3,000 at a time.

That the strategy behind a new pilot project the local VON Canada has just completed that provides more nutritious locally grown food for school nutrition programs.

get a couple of bags of flour and some eggs and milk and two bags of spinach and voila, you got 3,000 muffins, said Stephanie Segave, the manager of the Ontario School Nutrition program for the VON, which is responsible for flowing the government dollars ($500,000 for Windsor Essex) for school nutrition programs throughout Southwestern Ontario.

The usual way that done is to hand out grants to each school 14 cents per student, per day for one snack and those schools have the principal or parents run out to shop for food. Then volunteers have to process the food into kid sized portions. The entire process is a tax on volunteers and often costs more than what the schools get in grants, said Segave. Most schools do fundraising, seeking donations of cash and rolex watches for sale food to top up what they get from the VON to keep their nutrition programs going. If they don raise money, their programs can end months before the last day of school.

we trying to look for more efficient ways to use that money, Segave said.

The pilot involved six schools with about 2,500 students. For the last three months they been treated to servings of fresh fruits and vegetables like strawberries and apples, veggie sushi and homemade granola bars.

went out and purch rolex watches for sale ased food at wholesalers and local farmers and greenhouse growers, looking for good deals such as No. 2 berries ones that are cheaper because they have minor blemishes. They buy the berries in high quantities and have the co op students, led by Chef Robert Catherine in the Unemployed Help Centre commercial kitchen, process them. At a cost of around 15 cents a unit, they produce apple berry fruit cups or tubes that would probably cost about 40 cents in a grocery store, said Segave.

But the bigger goal is getting kids eating healthier, she said. Research shows that children who are provided with fresh produce in their classroom, surrounded by their peers, shifts their food preferences. Kids have gotten to like raw asparagus, veggie sushi and broccoli, said Segave.

is the big piece of the puzzle when it comes to (preventing) childhood obesity. said the VON is hoping to expand the program to more schools next school year. The proposal has gone to Children and Youth Services Minister Teresa Piruzza (Windsor West). The cost would be about 25 cents per snack per day, or about $50 per student annually, compared to current funding which amounts to $26 per student.

In the last 15 years, the school nutrition program has evolved from a breakfast program to help underprivileged kids in inner city schools where some kids came to school hungry, to a more universal program for any school that wants to enroll. It removes the stigma that the program is only for poor kids, said Mary Lynn Biggley, a community development officer at the Greater Essex County District School Board who is co ordinator of Jump Start, which promotes school nutrition programs throughout Windsor Essex.

doesn matter who you are, the wealthiest family or the poorest, it about all kids, said Biggley, crediting the efforts of an army of volunteers. At one Kingsville school, the program is like a trick to grandma and grandpa kitchen, she said. At another, a group of Grade 8s has taken the program on with admirable passion. A typical breakfast is cereal, milk and fruit, or toast, cheese and fruit.

Biggley said volunteers hear heartbreaking stories of how important the program is to kids, such as the girl at one school who reported that the most wonderful thing that happened to her all week was receiving a piece of fruit at the breakfast program.

Meals served: 3.3 million meals served per year to 23,225 students at 83 schools in Windsor and Essex County. Thirty five per cent of the 66,614 students in the region are in nutrition programs. Fifty six per cent of the 147 elementary and secondary schools have nutrition programs.

Volunteers: A total of 6,385 volunteers work a total of 293,463 hours providing snacks or meals to children at area schools. The volunteers include 1,270 school staff, 1,353 parents, 282 grandparents and 697 other volunteers from the community.

Funding: Money from the Ontario government is flowed through the VON to local schools for nutrition programs. It amounts to 14 cents for one snack per student per day, or $26 per student annually. That adds up to about $500,000 annually in Windsor Essex. But that usually doesn pay the true cost. So schools fundraise to provide an extra one or two snacks per day.

Growth: The number of school nutrition programs has skyrocketed since the late 1990s, when they were limited to a handful of inner city schools in Windsor where it was hoped a nutritious breakfast would help underprivileged kids concentrate on their studies. Since then, the program has broadened to include all children as a way to encourage healthy eating habits.

Costs: The costs of providing these snacks run anywhere from 11 cents to 26 cents, and even run as high as $1.35 at one high school, depending on what included and what food donated from organizations like Forgotten Harvest, the food rescue operation.

The VON held an event Friday, May 31, 2013, in Windsor, Ont. to celebrate the successful wrap up of a recent pilot program that delivered healthy snacks to over 110 classrooms across Windsor and Essex County over the last three months. Students David Ward (L) and Billy Arbeau, with the Unemployed Help Centre Plentiful Harvest program helped prepare the assortment of healthy snacks for the students.(DAN JANISSE/The Windsor Star)

The VON held an event Friday, May 31, 2013, in Windsor, Ont. to celebrate the successful wrap up of a recent pilot program that delivered healthy snacks to over 110 classrooms across Windsor and Essex County over the last three months. Student Billy Arbeau, with the Unemployed Help Centre Plentiful Harvest program helped prepare the assortment of healthy snacks for the students.(DAN JANISSE/The Windsor Star)