Pickpockets busy in Center City coffee shops and restaurants

The thieves are out there working, rolex watches for sale said Sgt. Phil McAlorum of the Ninth District, which covers Center City West.”This is that person’s job,” he said. “Just like you, they work to the day before Christmas.”But gone are the days, police say, of skilled, nimble fingered thieves who emptied pockets in theater lobbies, rush hour subways, and crammed elevators.Police say your grandfather’s pickpocket rolex watches for sale has been replaced by a less adept, but equally efficient, crook.”You don’t see the skilled professional as much anymore the classic bumps, the hug and lift,” said Capt. Brian Korn, commander of the Sixth District, which covers portions of Center City.”That’s something you see slim to none,” agreed Capt. Frank Banford, commander of the Ninth District, which handles Center City West.Though the talent has diminished, the boldness of the criminals has, if anything, increased, McAlorum said.His investigators handle about 10 pickpocket crimes a month.And in almost every case, it’s the same thing: a thief sidles up to an open purse hanging from the chair of a person lost in conversation or on a laptop or iPhone.”It’s just a reach in,” McAlorum said, describing the favorite move of the modern pickpocket, during an interview last week. “And the bag doesn’t even have to be open. I’ve seen cases where they remove the person’s purse, put it on their lap, get the wallet, and then just leave the bag and walk out.”Exact totals of the crim rolex watches for sale es are hard to pin down, Banford said.Not everybody reports it, he said. Some victims are just happy to be reimbursed by their credit card companies for the fraudulent billings that inevitably follow.There have been 162 reported pickpocket offenses in Center City in 2013, according to police data. That’s up from 133 last year.A review of those incidents shows the crimes were centered in the busy coffeehouses and restaurants between 11th and 16th Streets. But there aren’t any particular hot spots, McAlorum said.”That doesn’t mean the same place hasn’t been hit twice,” he said. “But it’s not like I can say, ‘9 o’clock Thursday, they are going to be somew rolex watches for sale here.’ It’s a job with flex hours they can do it wherever they want.”And they do, he said. The crimes occur at all times, not just during busy rush hours.”I’ve seen crowded places,” he said. “I’ve also seen where the only people in the place were the victim and the pickpocket.”McAlorum is chasing two pickpockets police believe are responsible for a string of recent thefts.One of the men has been stealing wallets from bags in Center City restaurants and in a coffee shop at the Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel, he said. The other has been targeting coffeehouses in Fairmount.

Pickpocket Preparedness


Wherever you travel today, you are can be at the mercy of pickpockets. They can always be found wherever tourists congregate. Actually anywhere there’s large group of people, there are most probably pickpockets. Often they will work in groups of two or three, catching you completely off guard. They are also quite good at their craft, because the subject of the pickpocket is usually not aware of the act until much later. It’s not until you actually look for your money or your passport or your airline ticket that you realize you have been the victim.

Because of the alarming growth of the pickpocket industry, manufacturers have been creating a practical assortment of money belts or wal rolex watches for sale lets that can be worn and concealed. They are a great solution or remedy for this problem, and they are made in a large array of styles and choices.

These money belts or travel wallets are available in many different fabrics. Some are in cotton for comfort. Others are constructed in the thinnest of fabrics such as nylon or silk for their ease in concealing. They can be worn around the neck, around the shoulder or around the waist. The styles made for around the waist c rolex watches for sale an be worn in the small or your back, or around front. Straps are adjustable and/or elastic for e rolex watches for sale ase and comfort. Many have a softer fabric lining that is worn against the body. Waist style money belts can be thin with one Velcro pocket or zippered with several compartments. Models worn around the shoulder similar to a holster can be worn between your jacket and shirt, or against your body. Neck models are adjustable to wear up high, or long enough to tuck into your waistband. Other models are designed to be looped around the belt you wear. They are then turned in under your slacks, held by the loop or clip. There are even models made to wear around your ankle. One inventive company makes a travel sock with a zippered pocket in the top. These socks are available in sizes for men or women and in a variety of colors.

There are also regular men’s belts with hidden zippers on the underside. These zippered pockets are large enough to fold money along most of the belt. They are available in leather or fabric. All of these travel wallets are designed to hold important documents and your money for your future use. You should always have the money you’ll need currently in your pocket or carry bag. You certainly don’t want to be “undressing” to get to your concealed money in front of anyone or calling attention to the fact that you are wearing a money belt.

All of these products are created to make travel easier and safer. We all know that money and passports can be replaced but travel should be hassle free, and these products are certainl rolex watches for sale y a useful deterrent.

Pickleball picks up in the Glendale community

“It took me 15 seconds to decide,” said Pura, who revamped the court with a new coat of paint, lighting and equipment. He also turned a basketball court on the roof into another pickleball court.

While pickleball communities are popping up around the world, they tend to thrive if there’s a point person willing to put in the time to grow the community, Pura said.

Four years ago it would be hard to get a handful of rolex watches for sale people to play in Glendale, but now about 20 play on the two courts for about two and a hal rolex watches for sale f hours twice a week. The players, who range in age from 20s rolex watches for sale to 80s, with most on the older side of the spectrum, come from Glendale, Los Angeles and even out of state.

On Thursday morning Eric Block, a phys rolex watches for sale ical education teacher from North Carolina, was playing a game with Kibibi Mack Shelton, a history professor from Maryland. Both play in Glendale while visiting family in the area.

“I fell in love with pickleball the first time I played,” Mack Shelton said, adding that she can’t find a pickleball court near her hometown. “My family now believes I’m not coming here to visit them.