picnic bag updated with pattern and how

I went over to Joann fabric store yesterday and really scored with some embroidered linen fabric. It was 1/2 off the “red tag” price!! While I was there I met “Julie” while standing in the line to get our fabric cut. She was telling me that she doesn know how to sew, but has been so inspired by the Amanda Soule blog that she bought a sewing machine and now she is starting to “collect” (the quote is wholly mine rolex watches for sale ) fabrics. A telltale sign of a sewing genius if I do say so myself! last night I came home with my newfound fabrics and made up a pattern for this bag, basket, bag sket, whatever you want to call it. I think I am going to call it the “Lucille” picnic bag. I drafted a pattern based a bag I saw in this magazine:I love it. I made this bag for a husband and wife who are flying in to Colorado this weekend to do some teaching/training at our church. My husband and I are picking them up at the airport and delivering them to their hotel so I thought this would be a great substitute for a fruit/gift basket (since they probably wouldn want to lug a basket around the airport on the way home). Once I sewed the pieces together, I put binding around it and sewed the handles on when I attached the binding to the outside of the bag. Before I attached the handles, I sewed a piece of the inside material to the handles. Here are the pattern pieces you will need. Piece A is a rectangle 26X7.5 inches and for piece B, if you click on the pattern, then print the picture out and then enlarge it 230 percent, you will have the right size. (Piece is cut along the curves, not along the inside lines which indicate the measurement from point to point only:))cut two of piece “A”, one of outside fabric and one of the inside fabric.

cut eight of piece “B”, four of outside fabric and four of inside fabric.

Using .5 inch seam allowances, sew two of piece “B” RIGHT sides together along edge that measures 9.5 inches from point to point and press seam open. Repeat with other two “B” pieces of outside fabric.

Pin longest edge of the joined “B” pieces to longest edge of piece “A” RIGHT sides together and sew together. If piece A is longer than the longest edge of piece B after you pinned them together, just trim off the extra of piece If you do have to trim piece A however, make sure you start pinning the other piece B so sides up properly. seam open. Repeat with other joined “B” pieces. POY FECT.

i keep you posted with the coasters project. boy do i feel like an amateur when i browsed through your postings. it will probably take me DAYS and DAYS to make 16 coasters, meanwhile back at the ranch you on your third handbag, 21st bookmark, and you haven even broken a sweat yet!!!

take care and i hope your weekend with your guests is going well. the bag is truly beautiful. i sure your visitors will consider your generosity and the product thereof a genuine blessing.

I love your blog . it just super . I happened upon your Vintage Bag, the green wool one . I love the style . I printed out the instructions and the pieces (I have NEVER made a bag, I just h rolex watches for sale ave a fetish for them) :) so it takes little to confuse me . on piece B, it looks like the front part of the bag is 13.5″ and the back part is 13″ as it dips down, yet it says to make sure the top of the bag is 13.5″ once the pleats are in place . is ther rolex watches for sale e something I missing here? I thought the bag would be shorter after the pleats are in place? I obviously missing something . I really want to make this bag . I hate tote bags (they are boring and reek of sameness) and love bags with character. Thanks!

To answer a question I see posted in the comments here and one I had myself, the yardage required was about 1/2 yard each of the main and lining fabrics. For the first one I made, I only had a 1/2 yard of fabric and I just eked out the pieces, so I purchased 2/3 of a yard for the second bag just to rolex watches for sale be sure.

Picnic Backpacks

June 10, 2008 By Christine Steendahl Leave a CommentThe next time you want to enjoy natural surroundings with your friend, spous rolex watches for sale e or loved ones, one of the things you should take with is a picnic backpack. While everyone is familiar with a picnic basket, picnic backpacks are the latest and greatest in a lin rolex watches for sale e of items to help you experience quality time together. If you are looking to enjoy nature and be together with friends and family, a picnic backpack is the perfect accompaniment.Picnic backpacks look similar to hiking backpacks. On the outside they are constructed of fabrics like traditional backpack (canvas, acrylic, etc), but inside instead of carrying trail guides, clothes, caps and mosquito repellant they are stuffed to the brim with cozy picnic accessories.For instance, a picnic backpack will include two plates, utensils for two, two wine glasses, some napkins and a cooler chamber to store your food. On the outside of your picnic backpack, there is a chamber to safely carry a bottle of wine or other beverage. On the other side is a chamber where you can roll up and place a picnic blanket. The picnic backpack looks surprisingly ordinary and is a great accessory for those looking to have a picnic a few miles into the countryside without having to haul a picnic basket through moderate trails. Many picnic backpacks even include a compartment to carry a few of your hiking essentials such as a hiking map, sweater and cap.Picnic backpacks are generally made of canvas and have padded rolex watches for sale shoulder straps for easy and comfortable hauling. They most often include plenty of room for a nice lunch or treat. The cooler compartments on many picnic backpacks even have room for an ice pouch to keep foods fresh for more than just a couple of hours, giving you time to get to your picnic spot and still have fresh, cold food.Since wine is essential, most picnic backpacks have a cushioned and cooled side compartment to carry your wine bottle safely through the woods or countryside. Many picnic backpacks also add a cheese knife and cheese cutting board for a sophisticated picnic treat.Picnic backpacks are very affordable and most often start at around $50. There are some that include special compartments and accessories that can cost $150 or more. Many people choose to buy a picnic basket for a close friend or their spouse, giving them a hint to take them on a wonderful trip that includes a delicious picnic. Picnics are a great way to enjoy nature and spend quality time with one another. Besides being a great gift for a close friend or significant other, they make awesome corporate gifts, especially if you have a boss or colleague that enjoys the outdoors. Read our full Te rolex watches for sale rms of Service.

Pickup Fees Set On Quakertown Bulk Trash

Collection of bulk items currently done on a quarterly basis will be increased to the second Monday of each month.

Under the new plan, which is proposed to take effect March 1, fees will range between $10 and $25.

For removal of appliances, the charge will be $10. Groups of bulk items, such as a furniture set, will cost $20. For construction debris that cannot be broken down and put into one of the borough designated trash bags, the cost is $25.

The borough meanwhile will no longer collect car batteries, and removal of car and pickup truck tires will cost $3 a tire. Larger truck and tractor tires will no longer be collected.

Bundled twigs and cardboard will still be collected at curbside, though borough officials said they plan to shutdown the dropoff center for twigs at the borough sewer plant.

In discussing the plan Monday, Borough Council expressed a willingness to revise the fee scale rolex watches for sale based on residents’ response. Council members said they were afraid the new plan would prove too confusing for residents, particularly the distinction between fee categories.

Council members also said they were afraid of setting fees too high.

“I’m just worrying about the prices because it will end up at the (Quakertown) brick yard,” said Councilman Rodney Werst.

While they presented the plan as an attempt to prevent residents from rolex watches for sale surrounding municipalities from dropping off broken appliances for collection by the borough, borough officials also acknowledged the new fees marked another step toward making borough trash collection self rolex watches for sale supporting.

Earlier this year, as part of state mandated curbside recycling, the borough established a p rolex watches for sale ay by the bag trash collection system. As a result, families that put out two large trash bags a week costing $1.50 each now pay an additional $156 a year for trash collection.

All told, the new fee system raised an additional $100,000 in revenue for 1991, with as much as $200,000 expected in 1992. At the same time, Borough Manager David Woglom predicts that the borough will save $80,000 in landfill costs in 1992 by removing recyclables from the waste stream.

Despite these gains, however, the borough is forecasting a shortfall of nearly $72,600 in its trash collection operation for 1992. The new bulk trash fees are expected to cover a small portion of the shortfall.